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Pro Teck Valuation Services

Pro Teck Valuation Services

Pro Teck Valuation Services

Pro Teck is the residential real estate valuation expert. Since 1977 our sole focus has been to provide customers with the most accurate and timely real estate information possible.

We believe that the best real estate information starts and ends with you getting exactly what you require to make informed decisions. To deliver to your needs we have assembled the best tools, people and processes in the business. What sets us apart is that we listen to your business challenges and configure a solution to meet your company’s individual needs.

Pro Teck offers a variety of residential real estate valuation products and services including appraisals, BPOs, inspections, AVMs, hybrid valuation solutions and a host of desktop reviews, including tie-outs and value reconciliations.

Recent regulatory changes have highlighted the increasing importance of data rich products in the market. To be able to provide the best to our clients, Pro Teck and Collateral Analytics have formed a strategic partnership to combine the best of traditional and data intensive valuation methods. was created from this strategic partnership. HVF provides insight into the current and future state of the U.S. housing market. Each month delivers a monthly briefing along with "Lessons from the Data," an in-depth article based on trends unearthed in the numbers.

HVF is built using numerous data sources including public records, local market MLS and general economic data. A subscription service product that generates fast, reliable and cost-effective residential property market data charts and reports for the top 750 CBSAs and 18,000 ZIP codes is also available. A free trial subscription is offered upon request.

To see how Pro Teck can help your company with its valuation needs, please call 800.886.4949 or email