ASF 2013 Sponsor Descriptions
CSC Trust 
Corporation Service Company

CSC Trust Company of Delaware is a wholly owned subsidiary of Corporation Service Company, the world’s leading provider of corporate governance, legal and tax compliance and entity management service solutions.  CSC Trust’s Special Purpose Entity Group utilizes its team of attorneys, certified public accountants, and legal and financial professionals to provide service that is unsurpassed in the securitization industry.

Our offerings span special purpose vehicle, trust and bankruptcy remote independent director services and include:


SPV Management


Independent Directors


Delaware Statutory Trustee

Limited or Active Roles

Directors, Officers, Employees

Owner Trustee

Distressed Transactions


Registrar & Paying Agent

Springing Members

Covenant Monitoring

Escrow & Disbursing Agent


Nexus Services (DE & NV)



Records Safe Keeping

Investor Reporting


Registered Agent



Entity Formation & Maintenance




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Founded in 1899, CSC has more than 110 years of experience providing legal and financial services for the world's largest companies, law firms, and financial institutions. CSC sets the standard for fully integrated transaction, workflow, monitoring, and reporting services. Join the thousands of companies that rely on CSC to mitigate risk and expense.