ASF 2013 Sponsor Descriptions


As the world's leading corporate trust provider, we offer service solutions ranging from payment distribution anywhere in the world, to global approaches to risk management, flexible regulatory compliance services and inventive operational efficiencies. We set high performance standards and deliver technology-rich functionality – all with an eye to helping you succeed in today’s fast paced and evolving capital markets.

For issuers of debt securities and other participants in the world's debt markets, we deliver the results that enable you to realize the full potential of your financings. Our innovative approach — the ability to present fresh thinking and original solutions — derives from putting our industry knowledge and market know-how to work everywhere issuer and investor services are needed to meet market-driven realities.

Mitigating risk, building capital and strengthening balance sheets remain essential goals and structured finance can play a key role in them. BNY Mellon delivers customized solutions to structured finance clients through teams of talented professionals, in markets around the world. Our expertise spans the full spectrum of asset classes within all types of Asset-Backed Securities and Collateralized Debt; from ABS, MBS, CLOs and Credit Opportunity Funds, to ABCP conduits. In addition to traditional services, we offer document custody, bond analytics, transparency and portfolio solutions, investor reporting and loan and administration agency services. And, since BNY Mellon’s primary business is not in securities origination, we provide true third party independence – a key differentiator from other providers.

Turn to BNY Mellon for unparalleled dedication, experience and support throughout your transaction process. Visit us at