Congress Theme - Digitalization Sustains the Future & Globalization Nourishes Supply Chain

Dear WUWM Members and Friends,

The WUWM Autumn Congress of this year will be hosted from Oct 30-Nov 1, 2019 in Guiyang, Guizhou Province, China. I hereby sincerely invite you to this event. 

Informationization is now in the ascendant and digitization is changing the world. The theme of this Congress is “Digitalization Sustains the Future & Globalization Nourishes Supply Chain”, with the main purpose of studying the development trend of wholesale market industry under the new technological situation. At this Congress, we will showcase the explorations and achievements of China’s agricultural wholesale market industry in applying the new technologies in the new era. Meanwhile, E-commerce and on-line business peers around the world will be invited to this Congress to share their experiences and outlook of the future.

Guizhou is China’s emerging big data center and Guiyang has been a model city in assisting wholesale markets in entering the information era. At present, agricultural wholesale market industry is also facing innovation in big data and E-commerce. Moreover, Guizhou is also a famous tourist region in China with more than 30 kinds of ethnic minorities and there are 32 kinds of tourist attractions in Guizhou, including mountains, rivers, canyons, lakes, karst landform,  caves, waterfalls, primeval forest, cultural landscapes, ancient pavilions, etc. Guiyang, called “Lin City” in Chinese which means a city of forest, is the first national forest city in China, ranking at the top of “China’s Top 10 Summer Resort City”. Guiyang, with a long history of more than 400 years, is the political, economic, scientific, educational, transportation center of Guizhou Province and it also play an important role in acting as the transportation and communication hub, industrial base and business tourism service center. In a word, Guiyang is a famous city with a pleasant ecological environment, vigorous innovation power and the huge development potential.
Once again I warmly welcome you to this Congress and look forward to seeing you in Guiyang.

Zengjun Ma

Chairman of World Union of Wholesale Markets
Chairman of China Agricultural Wholesale Markets Association