2013 TAPPI Intro to Pulp & Paper Technology


The TAPPI Introduction to Pulp & Paper is ideal for anyone new to the pulp & paper industry, and for anyone who is in the industry and wishes to learn about mill wide operations. This course delivers a comprehensive overview of the entire pulping and papermaking process. Topics include:
  • Raw Materials, Wood and Chip preparation
  • Kraft and Mechanical Pulping
  • Pulp Processing and Bleaching
  • Chemical Recovery
  • Recycling
  • Stock Preparation Refining
  • Additives
  • Paper Machine Operations
  • Paper Properties
  • Coating
  • Environmental

Why Attend?

  • Explore the entire pulping and papermaking process
  • Learn from Dr. Mike Kocurek, one of the industry’s leading instructors
  • Increase your ability to contribute to improving mill operations.
  • Get personalized answers to specific questions and operating problems
  • Learn to interact more knowledgeably with process engineers and operators.

After Completing the Course Attendees Will:

  • Demonstrate increased knowledge of the pulp & paper industry, mill operations, products, process variables, equipment and terminology.
  • Discuss how the pulp and paper processes affect product quality and learn to troubleshoot variations to improve quality
  • Understand how mill operations are inter connected and learn how they impact each other
  • Discuss the importance of thinking about the entire mill process
  • Recognize the complex environmental challenges the pulp and paper industry faces