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09/26/2019 Commons Conference Center - UT Austin - Austin, TX

2019 Winning the Bid

A WBCS Corporate Roundtable Event

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Roundtable Discussions

Sponsored by Dell Technologies and Energy Utility Group

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Join the Women’s Business Council – Southwest for Winning the Bid, an event created specifically for women business owners to meet and build relationships with corporate procurement and supplier diversity professionals. Attendees will sit with several corporate roundtable hosts as they discuss details about their bidding processes and upcoming opportunities for vendors. Before the roundtable discussions begin, network with fellow attendees over breakfast.

How It Works
There are roundtables of 8. One seat is for the corporate member host; the other seats are for WBEs interested in learning about that company’s procurement process. WBE seats are open on a first-come, first-served basis. Corporate members stay at their table. WBEs rotate and have the opportunity to visit a total of five tables.

9:00 – 9:20 … Discussion 1
9:20 – 9:25 … WBE Rotation
9:25 - 9:45 ... Discussion 2

9:45 – 9:50 … WBE Rotation
9:50 - 10:10 ... Discussion 3
10:10 - 10:15 ... WBE Rotation
10:15 - 10:35 ... Discussion 4
10:35 - 10:40 ... WBE Rotation
10:40 - 11:00 ... Discussion 5

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Roundtable Hosts

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Procurement Needs: General Procurement (outside the box), Call Centers, Consulting, Facilities, Financial Services/Travel, Human Resources, Logistics/Supply chain services, Manufacturing/PG, Print/Marcom, Software & Peripherals, Services/Telecom, , Displays/Flat Panels, Memory, Processors/CPU, Mechanicals, Hard Drives & Storage, I/O Devices, Accessories (computer bags), PCBAs/Motherboards, Bulk/Packaging
 Procurement Needs: Ballast & Delivery, Construction & Engineering Design, Drayage, Locomotive & railcar components, Scrap pickup, Rail yard maintenance, Resource Protection, Tie Plates, Trash Services, Water Truck Services  
   Procurement Needs: Legal Services, Construction of Downtown Rail Station, General A/E services, Unarmed Security Guard Services, Braille Signs, South Base Paratransit Service, Real property surveying, Environmental Engineering, Data Center Technology Refresh Project, Portable Bus Lifts for Articulated Buses, Dynamic Brake Tester, IH-35 Replanking, Enterprise Risk Management Software, Rail Station Circuit Upgrades
Description of Services: Fluor is a global leader in engineering, procurement, fabrication, construction (EPFC), maintenance and project management. 
We executes over 1,000 projects annually, serving more than 600 clients. Our 59,000 employees in more than 100 countries work collaboratively to tailor integrated solutions for our Clients. 
Fluor is a FORTUNE 500® company, ranking No. 136 of America's largest corporations in 2015.
Fluor ranked No. 1 in the Engineering & Construction Industry of the FORTUNE® Magazine “World's Most Admired Companies®” list for five years in a row, 2012-2016.
In 2015, Fluor spent more than $2.7B with US suppliers and contractors of which 10% was spent with diverse and women owned businesses. Our sourcing requirements are dependent on our various business lines and client projects. See Supplier Diversity Development Program brochure for a complete list.
 Procurement Needs: Precision Machining (Build-to-Print), Kitting, Infrastructure Hardware, Software, Distributor Items from OEM Authorized Distributors, Cable Assemblies, Satellite Phones (Middle East), Raw Material, Aluminum, Titanium, Equipment Maintenance, Wind Tunnel Models, Emergency Repairs, Electrical, Plumbing, Tool Design and Manufacture, Class B Welded Tubes, Shop Painting Service, Engineering Services, Staffing Services, Construction, Environmental Services, Waste Water, Remediation, Facilities Services, Lab Equipment, Fork Lifts, Engineering Cabinets, Perishable Tooling, Logistical Services, Safety Inspections, Industrial Batteries, Aircraft Parts (Build-to-Print)
Call Center (BPO Collections/Customer Service), Consulting Services (IT, Business, Compliance/Regulatory, HR), Sales & Marketing, Tax & Accounting, Technology, Employment Search Firms, Risk/Data Management/Info Security, Legal Services, Auditors/Audit Firms, Quality Assurance / Performance Management, eLearning development, Business Process Management
Manufacturing North America 
Description of Services: Toyota (NYSE:TM), creator of the Prius hybrid and the Mirai fuel cell vehicle, is committed to building vehicles for the way people live through our Toyota, Lexusand Scion brands. Over the past 50 years, we’ve built more than 30 million cars and trucks in North America, where we operate 14 manufacturing plants (10 in the U.S.) and directly employ more than 44,000 people (more than 34,000 in the U.S.). Our 1,800 North American dealerships (1,500 in the U.S.) sold more than 2.8 million cars and trucks (nearly 2.5 million in the U.S.) in 2015 – and about 80 percent of all Toyota vehicles sold over the past 20 years are still on the road today.
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This event is open to everyone.

The last day to register online is Tuesday, September 24.

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On-site pricing increases by $5

A member is either a woman-owned business certified by WBCS or a Sustaining (Corporate) Member. 



On-site pricing increases by $5

A non-member is a company not (yet) a member of WBCS.

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Registrant List

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