Building Your Championship Family Team


Building Your Championship Family Team!
Using the proven principles of elite athletes
In this engaging, interactive workshop, you’ll have a chance to work with Master Coach Pete Walsh as he shares the formula for building a strong, sustainable and winning family business team.
Coach Pete experienced the pain, challenges and pitfalls most families face firsthand while working in his family’s 89-year-old business. Since his successful “exile” from the business in 1999 he has worked with families nationwide helping them learn to enjoy working together and building strong multigenerational teams.
You’ll have a chance to assess your team on the 10 Core Skills every family business team needs to develop to be a championship caliber team.
Coach Pete will demonstrate how to create the right “coaching culture” on your team and share with you a set of simple exercises he’s developed and tested with families from a wide range of industries.
What you’ll walk away with as a participant in this session:
• Clear set of priorities of areas of improvement on your team
• Actionable plan you can start with your team right away
• Practical, proven exercises to engage your team
• More confidence about your team and its future
• An experience of the power of effective coaching
Bring an open mind and be ready to be stretched and challenged so your team can “play to it’s potential!”
Coach Pete is the Founder of The Family Business Performance Center located in Phoenix, Arizona. He’s the author of Coach to Win the Leadership Game, the Family Business Playbook and the Family Business Decathlon Board Game. You can learn more about him and his tools @
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