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Tor Nørretranders [More Info]
Founder (Klampenborg, Denmark )
Tor Nørretranders
Tor Nørretranders (b. 1955) is a Danish science writer, lecturer and thinker. His best known books are "The User Illusion" (Penguin 1999) about consciousness and communication and "The Generous Man" (Thunder's Mouth 2005) about the origin of generosity and creativity. He presently deals with issues like sustainability, social networks and flows of matter, energy and information. Many consider him a physicist or philosopher, but his academic background is in environmental planning and the philosophy of science (of which he has been adjunct professor at the Copenhagen Business School). He works as an independent content provider and lives in Klampenborg, just north of Copenhagen.
Heidi Forbes (ON-LINE SPEAKER) [More Info]
Global Social Strategist & Visual Practitioner
Forbes Öste is a Visual Practitioner and Global Social Strategist. Incorporating visual thinking into communications and social strategy for organizations, business leaders and entrepreneurs. Founder of the Art of Social Strategy methodology, which she presents in keynotes and workshops releasing the ROI potential of social tools for individuals' and organizations' success and sustainability. Currently working on a doctoral studies focusing on Leadership in the New Social Paradigm. She lives by the philosophy that Knowledge is Power: Sharing is Powerful. Her passion is empowering change makers to achieve their untapped potential through clarity in vision and communications globally. Specialties Social Strategy, Leadership Development, Organizational Social Strategy, Networking, Organizational Development, Strategic Visualization, Visual Communications, Social Entrepreneurship
Wendy Hand (ON-LINE SPEAKER) [More Info]
Joint Managing Director (Australia)
Bright Red Fish
Previously business owner and executive producer or Showcase Events, a full service event production company, designing and producing corporate and association events in more than a dozen countries over 20 years. Currently consulting to in-house and external event managers and senior executives to review current and proposed events, provide a fresh perspective, make best practice recommendations and move towards a greater ROI. Assisting event management business owners to refine their business model and increase sales and profitability.
Anne Thornley-Brown (ON-LINE SPEAKER) [More Info]
President Executive
Oasis International (Toronto.Canada)
Anne Thornley-Brown is the President of Toronto Based management consulting firm, Executive Oasis International, specialists in facilitated team building retreats and business simulations. She has designed and facilitated team building and workshops for companies from 12 countries including Canada, USA, the Caribbean (Jamaica, Barbados, Dominica) the Middle East (UAE - Dubai, Oman), Asia (Singapore, Malaysia) Anne has been involved in online community management since Geocities days. Anne has been the Group Manager for Event Planning and Event Management founded by Julius Solaris on LinkedIn: - informally since December 2008 when the group had 4000 members - formally since April 2009 when LinkedIn introduce this role and tools officially. The group has experienced and explosive rate of growth and now has 100,000+ members from every corner of the world.
"the people formerly known as the audience" [More Info]
Guy Bigwood [More Info]
Sustainability Director (Barcelona, Spain)
MCI Group
My mission is to increase the sustainability of the events industry. I am responsible for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) at MCI, the world largest integrated event and association management company. With over 1200 staff in 5 continents, I have the pleasure to lead and manage one of the most comprehensive CSR programs in the meetings industry.
Joanne Celens [More Info]
CEO (Brussels Belgium)
Joanne Celens Belgium CEO of Synthetron. She co-founded Synthetron and is the CEO since 2007. Joanne holds a degree in business and in international relations. Previously she worked 18 years for Shell in various international management positions Joanne focuses now on helping clients with Synthetrons unique social brainstorm approach.
The synthetron method allows to engage in one hour 10 to 1000 in moderated online interactive chat type of discussions. In these anonymous private discussions participants will identify their shared short list of most important ideas. Proactive crowd-source is made possible with all advantages of social media without the disadvantages of groupthink, overload or public exposure.
SPONSORED BY SPOTME: John Chen [More Info]
PlayTime Inc
10 Year Microsoft Veteran, Worked on Lan Manager and Exchange, Helped ship Exchange 4.0, 4.5, 5.0 & 5.5 which became the fastest selling client server application with over 100 Million Client licenses. Awarded 2 US Patents Worked in Test, Development and Program Management Specialties Team Building, Team-to-Team Building, Leadership, Facilitation, Working with High-Tech Teams, Software, Public Speaking.
Mike Clanton [More Info]
Head of Global Corporate Events Solution (France)
My Meeting Professional
Global business leader with a proven track record in business development, marketing, and management. Successfully executing comprehensive strategic plans of action that result in sustainable partnerships and profitability. Served several industries, including Universities, Department of Defense, Banking and Finance,Governmental Agencies and Hospitality.
Ken Clayton [More Info]
RefTech Services Ltd.
Ken has been in the meetings industry as a client and a supplier for 40 years. Even after all that time he still finds the business exciting and enjoys keeping up to date with the latest technological developments. He has recently returned to one of his great loves – writing – and has become a contributor to UK meetings and exhibition industry magazines. Apart from all of that, he is studying for a history degree and researching education in 17th century England.
Stefania Conti-Vecchi [More Info]
Founder and CEO

Founder and CEO of EVENTagist, a selected community of international experts with a specific know-how in the Meeting Industry, besides organizing events, Stefania also assists and supports meeting owners and organizers to create and manage meetings & events applying the most innovative solutions in each single stage of the process. Specialized in new technologies topics and creative marketing strategies, her expertise ranges, particularly, across hybrid meetings, social media and all the web and mobile tools that can facilitate the life of the organizers. Passionate about mobile device applications connected to the needs of the Meeting Industry, Stefania speaks at international conferences and training courses on these “tech” topics and writes as blogger. 

Paul Cook [More Info]
Hybrid Event Centre
He started his career in the insurance world and spent some time working for Aon Insurance at Pinewood film studios, before ultimately creating his own insurance brokerage in 2006, Clarity Event Insurance. Becoming immersed in the events industry led to him creating Planet Planit which is his on-line information hub for event professionals. He has recently been working with event professionals on developing the awareness and application of hybrid events (which help extend the reach of the audience) which has led to the creation of the Hybrid Event Centre. Paul believes that there is a real need to help bring new and enthusiastic people into the industry and it is one of the reasons why he helps students become involved in the events industry as quickly as possible. He created the Young Achievers Award and frequently guest lectures at Universities both in the UK and overseas.
Mike Coumans [More Info]
Eric De Groot [More Info]
Meeting Designer (The Netherlands)
Mind Meeting
I do Meeting Design since 1992 which means the designing of program's for meetings that strategically matter. Organisations that wish to have more certainty about the outcomes of their meetings consult me and I help them to achieve their objectives by constructing a program, brief speakers, direct AV input and finally facilitate the meeting or coach the facilitators and chairs.
My goals are to design meetings based on the Meeting Owner's wishes as well as developing methodology that supports this new profession of Meeting Designer. Specialties knowledge sharing meetings like conferences, symposia, and all other kinds like product presentations and client meetings.
Markus Diefenbach [More Info]
International Marketing Manager, Business Tourism
everyone who attends [More Info]
Martin Ferro-Thomsen [More Info]
Founder & CEO (Copenhagen, Denmark)
Martin is a serial entrepreneur with a successful track record. As a local to Copenhagen he is now Launching a new global on-line system for Conference organizers and conference go-ers.
It includes many aspects that have an influence on the entire conference world. I Conferize becomes a hit, the potential is huge for all the conferences we organize for participants, and who knows other 'stake holders'. Martins previous success has a clear connection with Crowd sourcing which is one of his favorite topics.
Karen Freidt [More Info]
Karen Freidt, Lead, NASA's Navigation Center for Creativity, Collaboration & Innovation (USA)
As part of a small organization within NASA that pilots new ways of working within the government, Karen Freidt’s performance appraisal is based on values like fun, persistence, passion and fear. Their organizational structure performs more like clouds in the sky than a hierarchy and trust has replaced the need for control. Their passion is driving innovation and their belief in what can be continues to turn a few heads.
Aside from the Navigation Center, she also leads a team that established and is teaching the Agency’s "Enhancing Your Creative Genius" course, developing new courses and is building a collaborative movement with NASA and their local communities.
The first “NASA TEDx” event was pulled off in only 8 weeks by a small team of volunteers that included Karen. It attracted a crowd of 1,700 and reached 78,000 people from 10 countries that streamed the live event. Although she went on to give her own “NASA Tedx Youth” talk which led to many more engagements, she says “None of what we do ever stops feeling scary but you put your fear in its place when you know the difference you are making in so many lives.”
Rosa Garriga [More Info]
ROI Consultant
Event ROI Institute
I am an Events professional with special interest in designing meetings whose results are measurable and aligned with an organisation’s strategic objectives. I am especially keen on looking for ways to increase events' effectiveness through its design and the use of technologies before, during and after it.
Thorben Grosser [More Info]
Gerrit Heijkoop [More Info]
Gerrit Heijkoop (1980) is an entrepreneur with a passion for technology and events. Educated with a master’s degree in systems engineering and policy analysis at the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands. Shaped and formed as a management consultant and project manager at Boer & Croon Consultancy firm. And then followed his passion for the events industry.
This unique background allows him to quickly distinguish between the sense and nonsense of new technology for conferences and events. “Your network is your most powerful resource”, says Gerrit Heijkoop. “As an individual professional, as a specific meeting or event or as an organization. Social Media like Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook are strong tools to help you grow, monitor and harvest this resource”.
Gerrit has been a speaker on this topic at many conferences in the past 2 years, both in- and outside the meetings industry. He is involved in the international EventCamp community, boardmember of the Green Meetings Industry Council (GMIC) and blogger at several Dutch websites for the events industry.
He is co-founder of Triqle Event Intelligence, which developed the award-winning software platform “What’s On?”. Since January 2012 he is executive partner of How Can I Be Social (HCIBS). HCIBS shares inspiration by facilitating meaningful conversations and online publications. Combining technology, stories and creative design to generate more value, with less effort!
Ruud Janssen [More Info]
Managing Director & Owner (Switzerland)
Facilitator, Business Modeller, Meeting Architect & Marketeer with expert knowledge of Global Meetings industry and Membership Based Organisations. Networker. Creative and able to inspire people. MPI Global Training Accredited Trainer Specialties: Facilitation online & offline, Training, Business Modelling, Meeting Architecture, New Media Marketing, Sales, Event Technology, Social Media Training and Policy Development. Conference organising, Branding, PR& Communications, Online and Multimedia Marketing, Webdevelopment, Strategic marketing consultancy, product development, concepting, Association Management, Online & Offline collaboration, Slowfood & œnology Enthusiast, aspiring chef... Specialties Branding, Marketing, Sales, Association Management, Conference Organising, Meeting Planning, PR & Communications, Online and Multimedia Marketing, Web Development, Yield Management, Networking, slowfood.
Jesper Jensen [More Info]
Hintz Consulting. Denmark
Process consultant, instructor and coach. I have a science background, as a chemical engineer and since 1994 worked as an employee and manager of Danish industrial companies. Most recently as HR consultant at LEGO Group, with competence and employee and organizational development.
Bo Krüger [More Info]
Master of Arts, Facilitator, Speaker and Writer (Denmark)
Moving Minds
Facilitation, innovation, creativity, meeting management, positive psychology, improvisation, train-the-trainer.
Sophie Lambin [More Info]
Co-Founder and Managing Director. UK
Kite Global Advisors
Kite Global Advisors was founded by Sophie Lambin and Larry Yu (former Executive Editor of strategy+business and Global Thought Leadership Fellow for PwC) in 2012. Kite Global Advisors’ co-founders have over three decades of combined experience putting thought leadership programmes to work.
We bring:
- Deep experiences developing global thought leadership strategies, producing high profile thought leadership, and leading delegations at Davos.
- An extensive network of world class providers, including analysts, writers, researchers, designers, videographers and technologists.
- Access to subject-matter experts in diverse fields from geopolitics, global risk and corporate governance, to biotech, social media and beyond.
Banz Ledin [More Info]
Founder and CEO (Lausanne, Switzerland)
Banz thinks the greatest thing about meetings is how they build trust between perfect strangers. He likes the drive of a bold vision, as much as figuring out the many details that will make it happen. Before SpotMe, he was failing to adequately answer friends’ concerns about the use of studying German, mathematics and Spanish for 7 years. Unlike some hot-shot CEOs, he does not own 20 cats - though his family says that might change. When the cats reach twenty, he will build a plane, fly it to Oshkosh and then to where the wild things are.
Polo Looser [More Info]
VP Strategy & Consulting (Switzerland)
MCI Group
It is our passion at MCI to find continuously new ways to improve the value of meetings. In the last century we helped clients with performance improvement campaigns – and today we are helping international clients to transform their organisations. New business models arise, markets change – and at the end it’s all about people and changing behaviour. But besides the human aspect, the facts and figures are becoming more important for decisions about meeting budgets. Measurement is key for long term success. My passion is to bring new services like Measurement, transformation communication and meeting design to our clients to help them to improve the value of their meetings. 
Giovanna Lucherini [More Info]
Co-owner and CEO
Studio Guidi S.r.l.
Free-lance for some of the most important meeting planners in Italy, in 2001 she became co-owner and CEO of Studio Guidi (Professional Congress Organizer and DMC founded in 1993 by Carla Guidi) based in Florence and operating all around Italy and Europe. Giovanna’s expertise is focused on management and coordination of the different steps for the organization of meetings and events, to guarantee the best quality of each service. Her main strength is an active listening and understanding of the specific needs of the customers and the ability to offer truly personalized and original solutions. 
MPI Italia member since 2002 she has been VP Education on 2008-2009 and has always given attention to the WLI (Women’s Leadership initiative) and new technologies for the various education seminars. On 2012 Giovanna received the MPI Loyalty Recognition by her chapter.
Richad Mitha [More Info]
Richad is the CEO and co-founder of myQaa. His primary focus is strategy, sales and business development. He was head of Business Development and Sales at Technicolor in Asia and at Newscorp subsidiary NDS - part of Cisco, ex-Newscorp - in Europe. Richad created a French Bistro "Cafe de La Poste" in Beijing. Richad holds a Masters in Strategy and Management from ESSEC Business School and a degree in Telecommunication from INSA, Lyon.
Kristine Nygaard [More Info]
Graphic Facilitator
Visual Facilitator and winner of the FRESH award 2012
Erik Peekel [More Info]
Founder (The Netherlands)
Aaaaha! the Actor Factory BV
Erik hosts 3 conferences per week on average. He is one of the most requested "dagvoorzitters" (moderators) of the Netherlands. He is a fulltime, dedicated moderator for conferences, kick-offs and superbrainstorms. Erik specialises in forms of interaction, no matter what the subject, he knows how to get the participants involved. In 1999 Erik founded Aaaaha! the Actor Factory BV. His company produces corporate event programmes and guerrilla marketing campaigns.
Ib Ravn [More Info]
Aarhus University. Denmark
I'm at Aarhus University in Denmark where I teach, do research and consult on the facilitation of knowledge processes.
Martin Roulund Jakobsen [More Info]
Social Media and Marketing Manager
Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers
11+ years experience with strategic marketing and branding. Advisory board member and public speaker within social media and digital marketing. Winner of InterContinental Hotels Group Best Marketing Contribution Award Europe 2012.
Clients that I have worked with in my agency periode: Danish ministry of culture, The Ministry of Economic and Business Affairs, Möet Hennessy, Christian Dior parfumes, Bang & Olufsen, PwC, Microsoft X-box, Lundbeck, Danish Chamber of Commerce, Biogen Idec, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The Danish Energy Association and others.
Violeta Salonen [More Info]
Experience creation designer/Music consultant
Haaga Helia University
Violeta Salonen is a Montenegrin native that has lived in UK before finally settling for Finland. Currently project assistant on Conference Hotel of Tomorrow research project, taking care of meeting design concept. Third year student of Experience and Wellness Management Degree Programme in Haaga Helia University of Applied Sciences, Helsinki, specializing in Media and Entertainment studies in NHTV Breda, Holland. Proud member of Haaga Future Leaders Club and a winner of Young Hoteliers Summit in Lausanne, Switzerland, 2011. Blue Turtle ambassador for Finland. Prior to that Violeta Graduated Music Conducting from London College of Music and Media, and worked as a music teacher and a performer for 6 years.
Gerdie Schreuders (ON-Line Remote-MC) [More Info]
Owner agency for events, social media & live reporting
Live Online Events
Gerdie Schreuders Owner agency for events, social media & live reporting LiveOnlineEvents Loves live events and hates waste of knowledge. This social media early bird helps companies to increase the impact of their live events with online ideas to engage more people for a longer period of time. Integrates the idea of recycling knowledge. She cherishes content and spreads the word as a writer, blogger, trainer & speaker.Has more than 15 years of experience in live events in Danmark and Holland. Is working with a team of TweetReporters for live events, is social media moderator & virtual host. Nice to meet you! @Gerdie.
Adrian Segar [More Info]
Conferences That Work
Author of participant-driven events "Conferences That Work: Creating Events That People Love". He has over thirty years experience planning, organizing, and facilitating conferences, and has been designing and running participant-driven conferences since 1992. He loves to facilitate connections between people. In 2011 He was named one of "The 68 Most Innovative Event Professionals" by BizBash Magazine.
Lotten Tegstam Wellinder [More Info]
Concept Owner Meetings/Regional Manager
The Meeting Concept in IKEA aims for each meeting to reflect the corporate values of simplicity and cost consciousness, leaving both hosts and participants energized and with a clear contribution to the business. Lotten has a background inOrganizational Development with leadership and coaching as main area of expertise. Since joining IKEA in 2007, she has managed the development of the internal IKEA trainers and designed global training programs. Previous roles have included development and coaching at Dale Carnegie, market management at MTG and several years in the travel industry
Paul Vanherck [More Info]
Meeting Support Manager (Belgium)
Abbit Meeting Support
With 20+ years of experience in the AV, ICT and production side of meetings and conferences Paul is well placed to talk about the old and new in AV, technology and more. Conferences use specific microphones, special technologies and unique ways of managing things. Paul Vanherck is a specialist in AV for meetings and conferences and therefore a first class resource, willing and able to share.
Maarten Vanneste [More Info]
Fire starter (Turnhout, Belgium)
Abbit Meeting Support
Maarten Vanneste started his company at age 18. It grew into a professional AV company with a team of 12 full-time staff. In the 90's he started to focus on meetings, expanding services for this international niche market. The business plan from his MPI CMM project became the Meeting Support Institute (2006); an association for companies with services and products on the content side of meetings. In 2007, Vanneste wrote the book “Meeting Architecture, a manifesto” (MSI 2008). This lead to a movement and an international organisation called ‘Project Meeting Architecture'. Marten Founded the FRESH conference in 2011. For his accomplishments Maarten received the IMEX Academy Award in 2005 and the MPI RISE Industry Leadership Award in 2011.
Simon Waddell [More Info]
Meeting Architect and Conference Producer (Geneva, Switzerland)
Simon Waddell Events Services
A senior Swiss-English meeting planner, designer, producer with 20+ years of corporate conferences. An ever returning challenge is the improvement of presentations by always new first timers and consistently amateur speakers. They have a lot to share, they think they do a good job, they have no idea about presentations creation, educational principles, they have no time to really prepare well, and are totally stressed on stage. We urgently need an industry standard for Begin Improving Presentation of Amateur Speakers (BIPAS). Also for the break-out sessions!
Larry Yu [More Info]
Managing Director of Kite Global Advisors; Board of Directors at the Brattle Film Foundation (Boston. USA)
Kite Global
Business writer, editor and researcher, with experience developing and executing thought leadership programmes.
Specialties: Writing, editing, research, thought leadership strategy.


Our speakers come from outside the box.
They come from outside the meeting industry.
The Crowd Sourcing Week leadership is sending their best.
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Our speakers are weird.
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Some think they are Freud.   
Some almost don't speak
Some play music
Some just play 
Our speakers will touch you 
Most of them will take you on a journey
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One you will hate 
Almost all will amaze and please you


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