FRESH13 will introduce a set of innovations for meeting design.
Discover the new and innovative things FRESH introduces to the market and to the meeting industry. It can be the launch of a new product, the publication of a book, the testing of some new knowledge, etc. We have a slow release policy on this information: not everything is shown at once, so we can be sure the scoop is ours.



Erik de groot and Mike van der Vijver have finished their book. It is being printed just in time for the Launch at FRESH13 Keep your eyes open, for this dramatically different approach to Meetings. 


120+ participants in our on line Synthetron Crowd-sourcing session helped us to see the extreme desires in meeting design you have for FRESH13. The Cases and the experiences you crave for. We will repeat crowd-sourcing for on-site and on-line participants simultaneously. That, you have to experience...



The official conference APP for FRESH is Spotme: They moved on for their SPOTME device to the iPad. FRESH is proud to enable you to experience it for the first time in a Meeting Industry event in Europe.        


 The latest Watchout versions with support from HQ, based in Sweden, that should give us an interesting opening show...            

TECHNOLOGY LEARNING CAROUSEL                                                                                   

a special learning carousel will introduce a dozen technologies from webcast, over hybrid, presentation, technology, etc.


FRESH12: Just to give you an overview of what the FIRST FRESH CONFERENCE introduced:

1 BE-MATRIX: A new system for building creative meeting sets (Technical Tool)

BE-MATRIX is the quickest way to build a clean set with built in screens, curves, printed surfaces etc. The wall can be set up with no tools, less labour and is therefore a cost effective solution. With its straight lines, symetrical surfaces,  angles and curves you can be as creative as it gets without have to custom build and throw away. This is probably the most creative solution available with such a small footprint.

2 Book Launch: The Tweeting Meeting  (Technology TOOL) 

The book 'The Tweeting Meeting' will be launched at the FRESH conference. It is a book about social networks and social media for meetings and events.  There are several Authors from this book present at FRESH 2012 and some of them will do a session on Social Media and Social Networks.  EVERY PARTICIPANT of FRESH 2012 WILL RECEIVE A COMPLIMENTARY COPY.

3 A new Facilitation format: Theatre Constelation (Conceptual & Art TOOL)  

Theater Constellation is a novel way of facilitating a change process. 2 facilitators and 4 actors will demonstrate, for the first time for a professional audience, how Theater constellations work. 

4 Book Launch: Facilitation (Human Tool)

'Kick-start your Work Meeting' is a bestseller in Sweden and now finally translated to English. One of the two Authors will present this book in premiere at FRESH 2012. The book contains the fundamentals of facilitation in a reasonable and readable book. 

5 Presentation Recorder: TRISKEL (Technical tool) 

The new recorder from Klewel allows for simple recording or presentations that can be web-casted or archived for post event, on demand use.  The end result can be all sorts of formats and forms. the powerful search system allows your viewers to search for key words.

6 iPad dinner quiz: Whales on Waves (Technology tool)

For the first time ever present at a meeting industry conference: Whales on Waves is a great tool to test the audiences knowledge in a fun and engaging way. At dinner tables, participants have to collaborate on two or three iPads to give the final answer from their table.