Fresh experiments

Fresh wishes to test and experiment with all sorts of tools and science. Some will be built in a session, others will be hidden in a dinner. FRESH will explain the experiments and make the results available to be used by all participants.

Your ideas and suggestions for experiments are welcome: connect via

There is a focus on science by Dominika Fudala and she has a few psychology experiments up her sleeve...


Lined up for FRESH13:

Brain scanner showing engagement: Is a speaker engaging enough? The FRESH13 will be able to see the brainwaves from a participant showing how much engaged or disinterested this person is.

Music made to measure: Violeta Salonen designs a musical decor for FRESH13 and brings it live with live adaptations to fit the atmosphere.

Chess Debates: Two opposed opinions get 3 or 5 minutes each. Seated at a little table (with chess board) and a Chess clock. short and punchy statements lead to limited time consumption and may result in spare time for a final statement. 

Sitting Balls: Can participants sit the whole conference on sitting balls?

Skype Stand-in:  Will be revealed on site.


THINGS we did at FRESH12 


At least one session at FRESH will use the Overhead Projector. That good old tool that used to allow for some neat presentations.
Live creation of a drawing is still not back, the way we used it in the days of the OHP. 
The revealing of text lines by sliding a sheet of paper down. So easy and everyone did it. Now, in Powerpoint, nobody seems to realise you can do this too.
Let's try and see what an Overhead Projector does in 2012 or should we put it in the museum forever?