FRESH is a two-day conference that refreshes conferences, meetings and events and increases their effectiveness. By introducing and demonstrating the latest tools and knowledge we provide meeting planners, meeting designers, meeting producers and meeting owners with applicable improvement. All presentations, room layouts, the venue, the staging, the processes, the food... everything is new or innovative or at least interesting enough to investigate.

Why you want to be there

FRESH has a unique and 100% focus on the content side of meetings:

  • What participants learn from speakers and each other.
  • Who, and to what extent, participants meet new professional contacts.
  • How engaged and energized they leave ready to take action. 

Everything that generates value in meetings and makes them more effective, that is what the FRESH Crowd is interested in.

Who is coming?

FRESH gathers a new and smart combination of participants unlike any other industry conferences. A unique mix of intellectuals, technicians, statisticians, philosophers and most of all game changers and influencers... Their jobs will be senior meeting planner, meeting designer, producer, supplier of a tool or service, facilitator, etc. All people with strong opinions and a desire to make meetings move.

FRESH12 had participants from 22 countries, 16 languages, 4 continents

What is happening?

New technology will be tested, scientific experiments conducted, new formats deployed and novelties introduced. FRESH is the conference on the edge of future conferences! Right up to the last minute, the organizing committee will assemble novelties, experiments, functional fun, hybrid technology and world premieres... All these elements will be experienced by the participants and demonstrated in sessions, round tables, campfire meetings, etc.

The Hybrid team will make sure that online participants get a great experience too. Although the face-to-face meeting cannot be fully replaced, the remote participants at FRESH13 will get the best there is for participant engagement and online networking.

I will be your host

After a dozen amazing Fresh Dinners at IMEX and EIBTM, after the experimental Meeting Content Meeting in 2007, it was time for our own conference: FRESH12

With the energy of the Meeting Support Institute, Project Meeting Architecture, Wonderful Copenhagen, plus a team of amazing volunteers, I know we will make this second FRESH a success building on last year's experience.

I look forward to seeing you in Copenhagen where I will proudly be your host!

Maarten Vanneste, CMM
Recipient of the IMEX Academy Award and the MPI RISE Award for Meeting Industry Leadership 2011

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