NAEP Speakers Bureau

About the NAEP Speakers Bureau

NAEP's Speakers Bureau offers regional meeting organizers the ability to connect with speakers who present a variety of subject areas that are relevant to higher education procurement professionals. Each speaker included on the list has presented during at least one NAEP annual conference or regional meeting. 

Each year, twelve (12) NAEP regional/district meetings are held in locations throughout the U.S. Attendance at regional meetings range from below 50 to above 100. 
Organizers can quickly search for speakers, covering a variety of topics and issues, to identify and secure the best individual(s) for their event. Although NAEP's national office may provide guidance in selecting a speaker, the final decision is made by each region.

Are you a regional meeting organizer who wants to learn more about a speaker?

The list below includes the speaker's name, speaker's bio, session title and session description.
If you are a regional meeting organizer and would like to view more information about the speaker such as the NAEP events that he/she has previously presented, speaker fees and contact information, click below to create a profile and view "For Regions: Review Speaker Details".
Instructions for regional meeting organizers will have a red heading. 

Do you have a question?

If you have a question, please contact Melanie Freeman, NAEP's Director of Education & Events,, 443-219-3614.