OPEN: Tuning the Choir: Facilitating Equity Conversations with Colleagues to Improve Campus & Classroom Climate
Event Details
OPEN: Tuning the Choir: Facilitating Equity Conversations with Colleagues to Improve Campus & Classroom Climate
06/25 - 06/28/2019
9:00 am - 3:00 pm
University of California, Berkeley
2121 Berkeley Way
Berkeley, CA, 94720-1670
Room TBD
Event Description
Do you want want to deepen your understanding of equity in a supportive environment? Are you ready to strengthen your cadre of colleagues who not only understand foundational concepts of equity but also feel empowered to interrupt inequity as it arises in their own classrooms and around campus? Join us for a workshop that focuses on building equity inquiry groups among colleagues so that your choir can sing more harmoniously. Participants will engage in writing and relationship-building activities that serve as the foundation for sustaining this vital work. The presenters will share a framework that they have used to amplify an advanced awareness of equity across campus. By the end of the three-day session, participants will walk away with resources and an initial plan to take responsibility for interrupting inequity on their own campus community. The workshop is appropriate for K-College instructors. Participants are encouraged to sign-up in pairs from the same site to maximize the learning.
Carmen Johnston has over twenty five years of experience in education, youth development and teaching. Carmen is dedicated to providing anti-biased, anti-racist, equitable educational experiences for all students. She is the co-founder of the Change It Now! Social justice leadership learning community at Chabot College. For the last five years Carmen has worked with Kristin Land developing and supporting faculty inquiry groups focused on equity and leading equity retreats with faculty and staff at Chabot College.
Kristin Land has been teaching English literature and composition courses in Hayward, CA for 17 years. She has taught high school and community college. She aims to provide a culturally relevant, constructivist pedagogy and to engage linguistically diverse students in a rigorous, social justice oriented curriculum that honors their voices as writers and thinkers. Since 2012 and in partnership with Carmen Johnston, she has been supporting advanced equity conversations among her colleagues from a wide-range of disciplines, including faculty in STEM, ESL, English, social sciences, and business. Her practice is informed by principles from the National Equity Project, The Puente Project, and BAWP.