OPEN: Beyond the Research Paper: Project-Based Methods to Elevate Civic Discourse
Event Details
OPEN: Beyond the Research Paper: Project-Based Methods to Elevate Civic Discourse
9:00 am - 3:00 pm
University of California, Berkeley
2121 Berkeley Way
Berkeley, CA, 94720-1670
Room TBD
Event Description
Now more than ever teachers need to design writing prompts that aim to elevate civic discourse. In this session, participants will experience project-based, student-centered methods that promote critical questioning and bring the researched argument to life – especially for Long-Term English Learners. Each practice is designed to spark lively student-to-student discussion about complex text. Ultimately, these discussions serve as bridges to authentic argumentative writing. By emphasizing the reading, writing, speaking connection, project-based methods honor the diverse linguistic assets our students possess and encourage them to advocate for changes needed in their communities. Texts used during the workshop will focus on the theme of restorative justice, but materials are easily adaptable to other themes. The session is ideal for humanities and English courses taught at the secondary or college level.
Kristin Land has been teaching English literature and composition courses in Hayward, CA for 17 years. She has taught high school and community college. She aims to provide a culturally relevant, constructivist pedagogy and to engage linguistically diverse students in a rigorous, social justice oriented curriculum that honors their voices as writers and thinkers. Since 2012 and in partnership with Carmen Johnston, she has been supporting advanced equity conversations among her colleagues from a wide-range of disciplines, including faculty in STEM, ESL, English, social sciences, and business. Her practice is informed by principles from the National Equity Project, The Puente Project, and BAWP.