KSS 2019 features over 300 sessions designed to sharpen your skills, spark your curiosity, and prompt self-reflection.

On Monday, new-to-KIPP staff can learn practical skills for thriving at KIPP while getting acquainted with KIPP strategies, tools, and programs. Monday is also our inaugural National Alumni Summit. The National Alumni Summit is closed to only alumni and provides programming focused on career advancement, creating a network of alumni, and life skills.

On Tuesday, we have our Social Justice and Equity strand. Choose sessions that will help increase your self-awareness and your critical consciousness while providing strategies and tools for creating equitable and culturally responsive classrooms, schools, and communities. There are two types of sessions on this day, Spotlight Speaker sessions and workshop sessions. Spotlight Speaker sessions give attendees the opportunity to hear from experts in a keynote-style address. Workshop sessions are smaller, more intimate, and allow for more hands-on engagement.

On Wednesday, we have our Community strands where you can strengthen lifelines with people from across the country who do the same work as you.

Our agenda features many sessions to accommodate the various roles across our network. To make session selection more streamlined, we created 'tracks' to provide the most relevant sessions to KSS registrants. Please filter by tracks to see the sessions that most interest you. You have the option to select multiple tracks if you like. Note: The filter takes some time to respond, so please allow a few seconds for the checkboxes to display as 'checked' before you hit 'Submit' on the bottom right-hand corner.

Visit our website to register and sign up!