2020 AM Sales
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Welcome to the 2020 ISSCR Annual Meeting Exhibit Hall Floor Plan

A global market place where you can network with industry professionals from over 130 exhibiting companies from around the world in a single location. This is the one place where you can also compare vendor prices and products in this international Exhibit Hall. Take advantage of the meeting spaces and schedule to meet a prospect at the Job Match Lounge area or learn more about the ISSCR at the ISSCR Central or plan to attend one of the programs at the Meet Up Hubs.
This international society is waiting to meet you (again).
The ISSCR exhibit floor area is divided into four pavilions to help you identify and locate your exhibiting company targets, they are:
  • Technology & Suppliers
  • Therapeutics & Commercialization
  • Academic
The fourth pavilion gives you the opportunity to meet new companies with new ideas so don't forget to visit the: 
  • Start Up Pavilion

   Available - In Line Booth - $4,245 USD
 Available - Corner Booth - $4,645 USD

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Company Name for Program Guide: Exhibitor Logo Website (url) Booth number/ref
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10x GenomicsThumbnailwww.10xgenomics.com301
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Agilent TechnologiesThumbnailhttps://www.agilent.com913
ALLELE BIOTECHNOLOGYThumbnailwww.allelebiotech.com813
Allen Institute for Cell ScienceThumbnailwww.allencell.org626
ALS Automated Lab Solutions GmbHThumbnailwww.als-jena.com322
Analytik Jena USThumbnailwww.analytik-jena.us903
Applikon BiotechnologyThumbnailwww.applikonbio.com306
Aspect BiosystemsThumbnailwww.aspectbiosystems.com526
Axion BioSystemsThumbnailwww.axionbio.com426
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BI - Biological IndustriesThumbnailwww.bioind.com727
BioSpherix Ltd.Thumbnailwww.biospherix.com423
BMG LABTECHThumbnailhttps://www.bmglabtech.com/529
BrainXell, Inc.Thumbnailwww.brainxell.com807
Bulldog Bio Inc.Thumbnailwww.bulldog-bio.com407
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Cell Guidance SystemsThumbnailhttps://www.cellgs.com/803
Cell MicrosystemsThumbnailwww.cellmicrosystems.com801
Cell PressThumbnailcell.com823
Corning Life SciencesThumbnailwww.corning.com/lifesciences608
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FUJIFILM Cellular Dynamics, Inc.Thumbnailwww.fujifilmcdi.com510
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HemaCare CorporationThumbnailhttps://www.hemacare.com/633
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INTEGRA BiosciencesThumbnailhttps://www.integra-biosciences.com/united-states/en324
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Kataoka-SS America Corp.Thumbnailwww.kataoka-ss.co.jp/english1012
KEYENCE CorporationThumbnailwww.keyence.com323
Kuhner Shaker IncThumbnailwww.kuhner.com1000
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LEICA MICROSYSTEMS INCThumbnailwww.leica-microsystems.com432
Logos BiosystemsThumbnailwww.logosbio.com422
Lonza Pharma & BiotechThumbnailpharma.lonza.com522
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MaxWell BiosystemsThumbnailhttps://www.mxwbio.com314
Miltenyi Biotec GmbHThumbnailwww.miltenyibiotec.com313
Molecular DevicesThumbnailwww.moleculardevices.com400
Molecular Machines & IndustriesThumbnailwww.molecular-machines.com
Multi Channel SystemsThumbnailwww.multichannelsystems.com533
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NACALAI USA INCThumbnailwww.nacalaiusa.com632
NanoCellect BiomedicalThumbnailwww.nanocellect.com405
NanoSurface BiomedicalThumbnailhttps://www.nanosurfacebio.com425
Nexcelom BioscienceThumbnailwww.nexcelom.com201
Nikon Instruments Inc.Thumbnailwww.microscope.healthcare.nikon.com409
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On-chip Biotechnologies Co., Ltd.Thumbnailwww.on-chipbio.com733
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Pakair Cargo SpecialistsThumbnailwww.pakairusa.com528
Peprotech Inc.Thumbnailwww.peprotech.com708
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S-Bio, SUMITOMO Bakelite Co., Ltd.Thumbnailwww.s-bio.com805
Sartorius Stedim BiotechThumbnailwww.sartorius.com310
Shenandoah BiotechnologyThumbnailwww.shenandoah-bt.com508
Springer NatureThumbnailwww.springernature.com900
STEM CELLS JournalsThumbnailStemCellsJournals.com917
Stem GenomicsThumbnailwww.stemgenomics.com732
StemBioSys Inc.Thumbnailwww.stembiosys.com424
STEMCELL Technologies IncThumbnailwww.stemcell.com415
StemExpress, LLCThumbnailwww.stemexpress.com1001
Synthego INCThumbnailhttps://www.synthego.com811
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The Company of BiologistsThumbnailhttp://www.biologists.com/833
The European Collection of Authenticated Cell Cultures (ECACC)Thumbnailwww.phe-culturecollections.org.uk/ECACC504
The New York Stem Cell Foundation Research InstituteThumbnailwww.nyscf.org402
Thermo Fisher ScientificThumbnailwww.thermofisher.com627
TheWell Bioscience Inc.Thumbnailwww.thewellbio.com630
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Union Biometrica, Inc.Thumbnailwww.unionbio.com527
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V&P Scientific, Inc.Thumbnailwww.vp-sci.com326
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Worthington EnzymesThumbnailWorthington-Biochem.com433
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Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd.Thumbnailhttps://global.yamaha-motor.com/business/hc/832
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ZenBio, IncThumbnailwww.zen-bio.com229