2019 AmSAT Annual Conference and General Meeting
Event Details
2019 AmSAT Annual Conference and General Meeting
06/26 - 06/30/2019
7:15 am - 5:00 pm
New York
United States
Event Description


Welcome to AmSAT's 2019 ACGM Registration!

ACGM 2019: “Our Community Future: Diversity, Equity and Belonging”

The 2019 Annual Conference and General Meeting at Columbia University features two full days of Pre-ACGM workshops, three full days of workshops, several community events, and a wide range of both small group and private lessons with more than a dozen teachers with more than 20 years experience.

Mission Statement of ACGM 2019:

To provide a conference that inspires, educates and supports exploration and action through skill-building workshops, opportunities for networking, socializing and initiatives to increase AmSAT membership and build membership participation.

To support the theme of this year’s conference, the 2019 ACGM Planning Committee will inspire our members’ outreach to new populations, particularly into under-served and/or historically disadvantaged communities. Our goal is to consciously increase diversity of all forms within the AmSAT community with the aim to foster vibrancy and uphold our commitment to ensure the Technique benefits all people.

Don’t miss the Diversity-Themed ACGM - especially the free Pre-ACGM Special Events:
  • 2-Hour Experiential with Joan Frost, Lucia Walker, Sharyn West
  • A Midsummer’s Evening’s Walk in Central Park with Barbara Curialle
  • Penelope Easten’s Morning Warm-Up with ‘Alexander’s Biomechanics’ &
  • Penelope’s 1-Hour Talk about Miss Goldie & Irene Tasker
  • Lucia Walker’s 1-Hour Talk “Growing up with the Alexander Technique”
  • All Sunrise Activities are Free!

          ...plus more!!


    • We're bringing them back again this year: Sunrise Activities at 7:15 am each day to get you warmed up for each day's program - and this year includes yoga, meditation, running, walking, Tai Chi, and a few surprises!
    • This year we are also bringing back a selection of 3-hour intensive workshops; they are divided into two 90-minute sessions. Although the sessions are not always back-to-back, they are designed to be taken together - and clearly identified as (INTENSIVE) workshop Part 1 and (INTENSIVE) workshop Part 2. Part 1 is a prerequisite for Part 2, so you must sign up for both sessions.
    • Payment plan - to make it easier for everyone to attend, we are offering a 2-month payment plan if you register by May 15. Simply indicate that you want to pay by check and call the AmSAT office to set up the payment plan
    • Special rebate during the Pre-ACGM - get a 10% rebate if you sign up for 6 or more workshops during the Pre-ACGM (applies to pre-conference workshops only, not small groups or private lessons); the rebate will be processed as a refund to your credit card within 2 weeks of your registration.

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Ways to get involved

  • Staff Volunteer Posiitions: HERE
  • Donate Auction items: HERE
  • Loan Equipment: HERE
  • Volunteers to call past members to spread the word: HERE
  • Host AT Teachers in New York: Contact Renee at renee@amsatonline.org
  • Tell AT students, colleagues, friends to meet you at the ACGM! (Associate Memberships are only $55 and include the AmSAT Journal and e-UPdates)


Registration is now open.


Some workshops are limited in size, so early registration is advised.  Workshops, groups, and sunrise activities that have very low registration numbers several weeks prior to the start of the conference may be cancelled. Please take note that not all classes are open to all: some are trainee only, some are teacher only and some are open to all. 

NOTE:  At this time you may register for as many private lessons as you’d like.  

If you have any problems completing your registration, please contact the AmSAT office at 937.586.3732; the office is open Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm Eastern Time. We will respond to weekend calls as soon as possbile once the office opens on Monday.

Bring lots of books you no longer want to the conference for head supports. We will donate the books after the conference.

Participate in the Little Library

Bring books you love that you would like to share for our the little library in the lobby: give one, take one.


Please contact renee@amsatonline.org if you can bring one!