2019 AmSAT Annual Conference and General Meeting

Added Workshops you might have missed:


Some New Workshops and Lessons:

  • Teaching the Alexander Technique to Individuals with Hearing Loss by UK teacher Daryl Joyce
  • Sensory Beyond Sight Experiential Workshop and Discussion with Davian Robinson
  • Workshops by Gitte Fjordbo, a Neuro-development therapist & AT teacher specializing in primitive reflexes
  • Introducing the work to New York Activists
  • How AT can help political discussion
  • Sunrise Activity “Guided Lie Downs” with RIAT staff


Trainee Workshop: 

Friday 3:30-5pm  Trainee Workshop: Ted Dimon.  For Trainees only.  50 person capacity



Weds 11-12:30  “In Conversation with Gitte Fjordbo: When the Right Thing does NOT Do Itself.. putting in a good word for the Un-teachable Pupil..”  For Teachers & Trainees. 40 person capacity 

Weds 2-3:30pm and Sunday 1:30-3pm: Davian Robinson: Sensory Beyond Sight Workshop and Discussion

Thursday 9-10:30:  Gitte Fjordbo:  “From Ouch! to AUMmmm…”  For Teachers & Trainees. 20 person capacity. 

Thursday 2-3:30 Ted Dimon: Da Vinci Project: Anatomy in Action for Alexander Teachers.  All welcome.  50 person capacity 

Friday 9-10:30  “In Conversation with Gitte Fjordbo, Renee Schneider and Alice Olsher - Diversity, Equity and Belonging”  For Teachers & Trainees.  36 person capacity

Friday 9-10:30 Daryl Joyce - "Teaching the Alexander Technique to Individuals with Hearing Loss" all welcome 

Rachel Bernsen & Rachel Kauder Nalebuff: A Sound and Movement Choir for Alexander Technique Teachers - Workshop and performance. For Teachers & Trainees.  12 person capacity

-        Friday 1-3pm

-        Rehearsal Saturday 1:30-3pm

-        Performance at the Alhambra Banquet Saturday evening (purchase of banquet ticket required) 

Kim Jessor and Rebecca Tuffey - Embodied Empathy (2 workshop series) For Teachers. 20 person capacity.

-        Friday 1:30-3pm

-        Friday 3:30-5pm 

Saturday 1:30-3pm Daryl Joyce - Teaching the Alexander Technique to Individuals with Hearing Loss. For Teachers.   25 person capacity.  All welcome. 

Saturday 1:30-3pm Caren Bayer - Circularity In Movement. For Teachers & Trainees. 20 person capacity 

Saturday 1:30-3pm Fabio Tavares - AT for Everyone! All Welcome. 

Saturday 3:30-5pm Guitar Huddle with Sandra Bain Cushman's Orchestral Maneuvers.  All Welcome.

Sunday 3:15-4:45 Practical Work with Gitte Fjordbo. Teachers only. 6 person capacity. 

Sunday 3:15-4:45 Joanna Britton & Karin Heisecke - How Can AT Help Political Discussion, Keep Us Engaged as Activists.  All welcome.  25 person capacity

Sunday 1:30-3pmBill Connington: Using The Alexander Technique to Help People Living With Parkinson's.



Community Events (Interaction with the public) 

Thursday 8-noon:  Community Event: Emily Faulkner - Teaching AT to Youth Basketball Players with Steady Buckets.  For Teachers.  10 person capacity 

Thursday 2-3:30 Joanna Britton & Karin Heisecke - Community Event: AT for Activists (activists invited to try AT).  For AmSAT Teachers only.  25 person capacity 

Friday 1:30-3pm Public Workshop for Performing Artists  (performing artists invited to try AT). For AmSAT teachers only.  30 person capacity.


Other Events

Saturday Lunch Talk:  Jessica Lynn, Kinsey Institute Global Ambassador, Shares Her Story as a Transgender Woman (Bring Sack Lunch)  All Welcome. 

ACAT Gathering Sunday Lunchtime (Bring Sack Lunch) 12:15-1:15pm


Sunrise Activities:

Sunrise Activity 7:15-8am Thursday, Friday and Saturday
"Movement in Stillness/Stillness in Movement" by Staff of Riverside Initiative for the Alexander

Weds and Sunday 7:15-8:15  Yoga with Chyna Whyne. All Welcome

Small Group Lessons and Private Lessons have been added - Please take a second look at the registration if you are looking for lessons with specific people as there have been some significant changes


  • Small Group Lessons with Caren Bayer
  • Small Group Lessons and private lessons by Raquel Cavalcanti
  • Small Group Lesson for trainees only with Kathy Miranda
  • Additional private lessons with Frances Marsden
  • Small Group Lesons and Private Lessons with Alex Farkas
  • Additional Small Group Lesson and Private Lessons with Robert Britton