VIENNA, AUSTRIA Just Culture Certification Course (Vienna - 29-30 January 2019)

29-30 January 2019 - VIENNA, AUSTRIA


We struggle in today’s world to hold people accountable in a fair and just manner when things don’t go as planned. Nowhere is this more evident than in high consequence industries like Healthcare or Aviation. We all want accountability, but what does that look like when any mistake, any choice, could have devastating outcomes? Outcome Engenuity’s Just Culture Certification Course explores this very question and changes how industry leaders view the concept of justice. Synthesizing research from systems engineering, human factors, and the law, this course empowers leaders to make a difference. Leaders make an immediate impact upon returning to their organizations to improve investigations, reducing adverse events, and fostering a culture of curiosity, shared learning, and accountability. Join Outcome Engenuity as we explore the core concepts that will become the foundation for your Just Culture. Become an expert in the Just Culture Tool™ – the tool that brings these ideas to life within your organization.


After attending this seminar, Leaders will demonstrate the ability to:

     •  Describe the five skills that lead to producing better outcomes 
     •  Identify the role of an organization’s mission and values 
     •  Define the factors of system design and good design strategies 
     •  Describe the principles of managing the three core behaviors 
     •  Describe the legal principles that provide the foundation for Just Culture 
     •  Define the role played by imposers and the tools they use 
     •  Identify the role of ‘the reasonable person standard’ 
     •  Define and contrast outcome-based and procedure-based duties 
     •  Define and describe the three duties and identify breaches of those duties 
     •  Demonstrate proficiency using the Just Culture Tool™ through guided practice 
     •  Describe Just Culture implementation strategies


  • Chief Executive Officers
  • Chief Operating Officers
  • Safety Leaders, Investigators & Auditors
  • Safety/Just Culture Focal Points
  • Human Factors Leaders
  • Human Resources Leaders
  • Security Officers
  • Risk Management & Quality Experts
  • Information Security Experts
  • Other Departmental Leaders


  • Through the Just Culture Proficiency Exam, you will become the subject matter expert in your organization
  • Gain access to managerial tools such as the Just Culture Academy and the Just Culture Assessment ToolTM 
  • Provide your customers and employees with a safer environment, while minimizing adverse events and increase reporting rates
  • Reduce recovery expenses from preventable errors
  • Comply with regulatory requirements