2018 ICMIF Americas Annual Conference
ICMIF/Americas 26th Annual Conference

November 19 - 21, 2018 | Hilton Cartagena Hotel | Cartagena, Colombia

Insuring Tomorrow: Fostering Sustainability and Resilience

With the unprecedented rate and scale of change in today’s world, the role of insurance is paramount in ensuring future environmental, social and economic sustainability. However, the insurance industry faces a landscape of increasing disruption: from the impact of new technology; changing customer behaviours and exacting regulations; to increasingly complex and uncertain risks resulting from climatic instability. The traditional insurance business model needs to be resilient in the face of these potentially disruptive threats in order to continue its role in protecting lives, managing and mitigating risks, averting catastrophes and supporting sustainable development. Insurers must adapt, innovate and transform today, in order to ensure they survive and succeed in the future.

The theme of this year’s ICMIF/Americas Annual Conference will focus on how cooperative and mutual insurers can future-proof their businesses to ensure sustainable competitiveness and the ability to remain resilient in the ever-changing world of both today and tomorrow. The insights you can expect to gain from attending the Conference include how to embrace InsurTech and digital innovation; resilient operating models to ensure business continuity; new, inclusive insurance solutions for protecting underserved communities and uninsured risks; embedding sustainability into business activities; and key future strategies for a new era of cooperative and mutual insurance. The Conference agenda will also include a unique, interactive session in which you can explore your greatest challenges with the some of the most experienced experts in the industry – ICMIF members from across the Americas and around the world.

For more information, please email the ICMIF Events team (events@icmif.org)

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