2018 Opportunity Unlocked


Registration cancellation and refund policy

A refund, minus a processing fee of $75, will be provided for cancellations received in writing no later than October 1, 2018. No refunds will be issued after October 1, 2018. Substitutions are permitted at $25 per person. Please contact the conference team at conference@onpha.org for cancellations or substitutions. All refunds will be issued after the conference during the week of November 5, 2018.

Substitutions are permitted at a cost of $25 + HST per substitution. Substitution requests made in writing before October 16, 2018 will be accepted as long as both people work within the same organization. To make this adjustment, you must contact conference@onpha.org.

Badge reprints

If you request a change to your name badge (i.e. different delegate and/or organization name) during the conference, the fee is $25+HST.

Early bird rate

In order to get the early bird rate, payment should be received within net 30 days after completing the registration. Early Bird rates are NOT available for payments made later than September 7. If your payment is outstanding after September 7, your registration costs will increase to the regular rate. Registration is not final until the payment is received before the conference.

Privacy policy

The information collected from your registration will be used by ONPHA for conference purposes only.

Want to stay connected with fellow delegates, sponsors and exhibitors after the conference? People you meet may offer the resources needed for your next project. Be sure to add your name to the conference delegate list by selecting this option upon registration.

Click here for more details on our privacy policy.

For press or media inquiries, please contact us at communications@onpha.org or 1-800-297-6660.

Green policy

ONPHA is committed to reducing its carbon footprint at the conference. This registration guide is distributed electronically and can be accessed on our conference website at conference.onpha.on.ca. You can also create your own agenda with our new online registration tool. Similarly, workshop handouts will not be printed for distribution at the conference. This will help us save paper and reduce the impact on the environment.

The hardcopy version of this guide is printed using a waterless printing process, which eliminates the use of vast amounts of water and the need to dispose of tainted water.

Our venue will not provide paper and pens to all conference attendees as they often end up unused and thrown out. ONPHA advises all conference attendees to bring their own note-taking devices.

Accessibility and Accommodation

ONPHA is committed to trying to eliminate barriers and improving accessibility for all delegates. If you require any assistance or accommodation to participate in the conference, please let us know in the online registration form or on the registration form in this brochure. Our conference team will follow-up on your request.

Scent-free policy

In recognition of individuals with asthma, allergies and severe environmental/chemical sensitivities, ONPHA is striving to provide a scent-free environment. Delegates and guests are asked to refrain from wearing fragrances and scented personal care products at the ONPHA Conference and Trade Show. This includes perfume, cologne, aftershave and scented hair products. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.