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Event Details

340B University Las Vegas

August 20, 2018

8:00 am - 4:45 pm
Breakfast served at 7:00 am

Bally's Las Vegas Hotel 
3645 Las Vegas Blvd South 
Las Vegas, Nevada

To Register & Attend NPPA's Conference being held directly after 340B University on August 21-23, 2018 at Bally's Las Vegas, click HERE for more information. You can also visit the 2018 NPPA Conference tab to the right of the Summary tab. 

You are invited to attend 340B University

Apexus offers 340B University, an award-winning educational program designed to meet the fundamental and practical needs of the 340B Prime Vendor Program (PVP) participants and other program stakeholders. Topics covered in the training include statutory ceiling price calculations, fundamentals in implementing a compliant pharmacy program, and hands-on training with tools and resources available to assist with program integrity. You can register for this upcoming session by clicking the "New Registration" button to the right.

This session of 340B University will be presented for all 340B stakeholders, and will include a discussion of 340B Basics (eligibility, recertification, etc.), inventory management (purchasing, sharing/transferring, and accounting for inventory), HRSA audit requirements (record-keeping/compliance), update on the new HRSA 340B Information System, and hot topics including Medicaid, patient definition, and contract pharmacy. Peer faculty will share leading practices and audit experiences in an interactive format, and tools will be discussed and applied to promote compliance.

We will feature a broad range of educational sessions, including content regarding:

     • 340B Basics - Introduction to the 340B Drug Pricing Program

     • Program Integrity & Audits

     • Implementation/Policy - Contract Pharmacy Implementation & Mixed-Use
       Setting Compliance

     • Pricing - Calculation and Integrity Concerns

     • 340B & Medicaid - Overview on Billing & Duplicate Discount Policies

Take advantage of the opportunity for hands-on practical advice to help with 340B program implementation. Specially designed breakout sessions have been designed to help you enhance program integrity by learning from industry leaders and networking with peers.


After completing this program, participants should be able to:

     • Describe the history, intent, and statutory principals of the 340B program.

     • Outline the process for addressing 340B policy and the maintenance of integrity of  
       the 340B Program participation.

     • Describe the role of the manufacturer, wholesaler, prime vendor, and entity in 340B
       pricing integrity.

     • Identify the roles and responsibilities of 340B implementation and monitoring that   
       may be managed by a pharmacy technician.

340B University meets these objectives in one full day or two half-day, intensive learning experiences that mix traditional lecture and interactive/practical application learning formats. Continuing education for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians is available.

Target Audience

This program is targeted to pharmacists practicing in 340B-covered entities and their contracted pharmacies, as well as all other 340B stakeholders, including vendors, manufacturers, consultants, hospital leadership, and pharmacy technicians with a basic understanding of pharmacy purchasing practices.

Registration Information

There is no cost to attend 340B University and meals will be provided during the session. 340B University sessions fill up quickly therefore early registration is encouraged. When this session reaches capacity, we will move to a waiting list.

Please note: Non-covered entity registration is limited subject to availability.