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Join us on June 13 in San Francisco
for the first Zero Trust Summit

Understanding Zero Trust Security: Why It Matters and Where To Start

As catastrophic data breaches become more common, the need for organizations to consider new approaches is escalating. Today’s leading attack vector continues to be weak or compromised credentials and, according to the 2018 Global State of Information Security Survey conducted by CIO and CSO and PwC, the number one source of security incidents is current employees. Not surprisingly, the study also finds that the top strategy to address cyber risks is adding new technologies.

All of which explains why the concept of Zero Trust Security is gaining traction. What is Zero Trust? It’s a recognized framework whereby an organization doesn’t trust anything inside or outside the organization, and instead verifies anything and everything before granting access. What is Zero Trust’s wider promise? Is it right for your organization? And what are the challenges and obstacles your organization needs to overcome to make it a viable strategy?

Join us for SecurIT, the industry’s first Zero Trust Conference for CIOs, CSOs, CISOs, CTOs, CxOs, IT VPs, Directors, Managers, Engineers, Architects and Analysts – where we’ll bring together experts who are savvy to these questions, challenges and more. There's no charge to attend and you’ll gain an up-to-the-minute understanding of Zero Trust Security, hear from many who are already implementing this new framework and learn why it’s becoming critical to success in today’s increasingly risky business environment.

Sessions include:
  • What is Zero Trust, and Why Does It Matter?
  • Where to Start When Adopting Zero Trust: Next-Gen Access 
  • Ushering in The Era of Zero Trust Security
  • The Network: How to Approach the Zero Trust Network
  • Who's on the Path to Zero Trust Security?
  • Clouds: How Are Cloud Providers Thinking About Zero Trust?
  • And more...

Who should attend?
  • CSOs & CISOs

  • CIOs, CTOs & CxOs

  • VPs of IT, Security & Compliance

  • Directors of IT, Security & Compliance
  • Managers of IT, Security & Compliance

  • Engineers, Architects & IT Analysts


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