ICCA Sector Venue European Client/Supplier Business Workshop


“ICCA Workshops mean an exclusive opportunity to meet likely decision makers in a very friendly framework, what enables us to make a quite different approach to them
I have participated in three workshops and organized one in the new Congress Centre in Seville so far, and we have always got congresses for future editions. (of course, this is a start but you have to keep doing your homework on daily basis) I find them GREAT!”

Mrs. Maria Del Mar Carnero Rollan, Conference Area Director, FIBES - Seville Conference & Exhibition Centre

“I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and felt it was a very positive environment to network with clients and my own peer group. It was well organised and everyone was engaged, well prepared and willing to share information and experiences.”
Ms. Shelley Spencer, Senior Sales Manager - Conferences, SEC, Scottish Event Campus

“This Workshop is undoubtedly a great opportunity to really get to meet clients and their needs, mixing professionalism and fun.”
Ms. Angélica Harispe, Global Events Manager, Strasbourg Convention & Exhibition Centre

“A great experience, personal and professional, a wonderful work and business forum.”
Mrs. Encarna Soler Sanchez, Sales Manager, Valencia Conference Centre