Open Source Business Conference 2012
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Cloud, Data, Mobile and Open Source: It Starts Here
Even as Open Source has gone mainstream, its influence on cloud computing, mobile technology, and Big Data is still in its infancy.  Businesses are increasingly data-driven, as the Internet, cloud strategies, social media and mobile technologies have made it possible and imperative to collect massive quantities of data on customers, competitors, and more.  Making sense of all that data, analyzing it in real time and using it wisely, all while deploying data-rich applications -- leans heavily on both open-source software--like Cassandra, Hadoop, OpenStack, jQuery, and more—as well as the very principles of open-source development. 

OSBC offers the chance to connect with the developers, users and companies behind the most significant open-source, mobile and cloud technologies, including HTML5 frameworks like jQuery and SproutCore, NoSQL databases like Mongo, Big Data technologies like Hadoop and Cassandra, and cloud platforms like OpenStack and Cloud Foundry.  You'll also learn key strategies so that you can make your business more effectively data-driven. Nowhere else will you hear such a comprehensive perspective on the open source industry. The conference program features content-rich sessions from visionary thought-leaders and industry executives on how open source technology is being used and what the implications are from a business perspective.

At OSBC, discover how open source can make the difference for your organization!
Topics included:     Sessions included:
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• Business Intelligence/Data Warehousing/Data Analytic

• Systems Intelligence for Cloud deployments

• Infrastructure

• Data Storage

• Cloud/Virtualization

• Mobile application development and deployment

• Mobile sync

• Social Media
    • Open source and strategies for driving data-driven businesses

• How enterprise software infrastructure can support the consumerization of IT

• Which technologies and vendors are poised to dominate the Big Data movement?

• How open source is influencing the  economic impact on customers in terms of storage, pricing and query time

• How open source is driving tomorrow’s technologies by providing infrastructure for Cloud, Big Data and more

• Open source as competitive advantage

• The state of Hadoop

• Current trends in mobile application development, including HTML5

• Using Open Source tools to track and mine unstructured, as well as structured data

• Using Social Media and Mobile for the analysis of customer data and needs



Hyatt Regency San Francisco
5 Embarcadero Center
San Francisco, California