9th Australian Small Bridges Conference
The 9th Australian Small Bridges Conference will alert bridge and road engineers, managers, contractors and suppliers about significant new technical developments and requirements for short to medium bridges and like structures. 

Structures such as culverts, elevated boardwalks and viewing platforms also fall within the scope of this conference.  As do associated civil and geotechnical works including earth structures and retention.

The two day conference program will focus on small to medium bridges for road, rail, wildlife, stock and pedestrians, unlike many bridge conferences which are dominated with presentations mainly on very large bridges. 

Small and medium span bridges are the most common type of bridge. 

Small Bridge Projects include: 

 • Freeways, Roads and Streets
 • Railways 
 • Mines
 • Airports 
 • Industrial Complexes
 • Parks, Gardens, Public Precintcs, and Recreational Reserves
 • Sporting Facilities 
 • National Parks 
 • Forestry
 • Farms and Agricultural
 • Private Developments 
 • Public areas such as Zoos 

Small Bridges can be for: 

 • Cars, Buses, Trucks, Tractors and other motorised road vehicles 
 • Trains 
 • Mine-haul trucks, Fork Lifts
 • Airplanes 
 • Pedestrians and Bicyclists
 • Stock and Wildlife. 

This event will bring together: 

 • Councils 
 • State government road managers and engineers
 • Railways
 • Government agencies 
 • National parks and forestry staff 
 • The private sector including consultants and contractors

The two-day program will include issues such as: 

 • Investigation and Testing 
 • Asset Management 
 • Condition Assessment 
 • Load Capacity
 • Bridge Code Changes 
 • Repair, Maintenance, Refurbishment and/or Strengthening 
 • Bridge Lifting  
 • New Construction 
 • Timber, Concrete, Steel and Composite Bridges as well as Culverts
 • Innovations in Design, Construction and Maintenance
 • Architectural and Heritage Issues 
 • Road, Rail, Pedestrian, Mining and Airport Structures
 • Associated Geotechnical, Earth Structures and Retention Works

Experienced bridge practitioners and asset owners, including a number of local government engineers, will present on best practice in design, construction, maintenance, asset management and new technologies. Case studies will be featured.