3rd Global Adolescent & Young Adult Cancer Congress

The 3rd Global AYA Cancer Congress Scientific Committee

Drawn from a range of healthcare and research disciplines and with their considerable contributions to the advancement of AYA cancer care, the members of the Scientific Committee are charged with ensuring the presentation of a high quality, comprehensive and internationally relevant program at the Global AYA Cancer Congress. 

Core Planning Group


Prof Ian Olver – Chair
Professor of Translational Cancer Research, Sansom Institute for Health Research, Australia

Prof Stu Siegal – Co-chair
Professor of Paediatrics and Medicine, Keck School of Medicine, University of Southern California, USA


Prof David Thomas
Director of The Kinghorn Cancer Centre and Head of the Cancer Division, The Garvin Institute, Australia

A/Prof Pandora Patterson
General Manager, Research & Youth Cancer Services, CanTeen Australia

Dr Michael Osborn
Lead Clinician, SA/NT Youth Cancer Service, Australia

Andrew Murnane
Exercise Physiologist, VIC/TAS Youth Cancer Service, Australia

Dr Antoinette Anazodo
Lead Clinician, NSW/ACT Youth Cancer Service, Australia

Dr Natalie Bradford
Research Fellow, Queensland University of Technology, Australia

Dr Ursula Sansom-Daly
Clinical Psychologist, Sydney Youth Cancer Service, Australia

Louise Sue
Cancer Nurse Specialist, AYA Cancer Service, Canterbury District Health Board, New Zealand

Dr Tristan Pettit 
Paediatric Oncologist, Children’s Haematology and Oncology Centre, New Zealand

Dr Haryana Dhillon
Senior Research Fellow, Centre for Medical Psychology and Evidence-based Decision-making, University of Sydney, Australia

Dr Adam Walczak
Youth Cancer Services and Clinical Trials Manager, CanTeen Australia

Dr Fiona McDonald
Research Manager, CanTeen Australia



Joseph (Joey) Lynch
Kathryn Woodward
Matilda (Tilly) Gorce

Conference Organiser:

Kate Crawford
Maxim’s Travel

International Advisory Group

Global Accord Team Members:

Kate Collins
Interim Chief Executive, Teenage Cancer Trust, UK

Mr Simon Davies
Chief Executive Officer, Teen Cancer America

Ms Sam Smith
Head of Nursing and Quality, Teenage Cancer Trust, UK

Mr Peter Orchard
Chief Executive Officer, CanTeen Australia

Mr Simon Fuller
Director of Services, Teenage Cancer Trust, UK

A/Prof Pandora Patterson
General Manager, Research & Youth Cancer Services, CanTeen Australia


Prof Paul Grundy
Professor of Paediatrics and Oncology, Department of Paediatrics, University of Alberta, Canada

Dr Valerie Laurence
Medical Oncologist, Institut Curie, France

Dr Olga Husson
Staff Scientist, Institute of Cancer Research, London, UK

Maria Cable
Senior Lecturer, Coventry University, UK

Dr Miyako Takahashi
Division Chief, Division of Cancer Survivorship Research, National Cancer Centre, Japan

Dr Rachel Taylor
Senior Research Fellow, Cancer Clinical Trials Unit, University College London Hospitals, UK

A/Prof Brandon Hayes-Lattin
Medical Director, AYA Oncology Program, Knight Cancer Institute, USA

Dr Karen Fasciano
Assistant Professor of Psychology, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, USA

Prof Brad Zebrack
Professor, University of Michigan School of Social Work, USA

A/Prof Pia Riis Olsen
Clinical Nurse Specialist, Department of Oncology, Aarhus University Hospital, Denmark

Dr Dan Stark
Chair, European Network for Teenagers and Young Adults with Cancer, Senior Lecturer in cancer medicine, Leeds University, UK

Prof Daniel Kelly
Royal College of Nursing Chair of Nursing research, Cardiff University, UK


Dr Norma D’Agostino
Staff Psychologist, Princess Margaret Hospital & the ELLICSR Health, Wellness and Cancer Survivorship Centre, Canada

Prof John Parentesis
Professor of Clinical Paediatrics, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, USA

Lauren Lux
AYA Program Director, UNC Health Care, USA

Dr Rebecca Johnson
Medical Oncologist, Division of Paediatric Haematology/Oncology, Mary Bridge Hospital, USA

Johan De Munter
Clinical Nurse Consultant, Haematology/Stem Cell Transplant Unit, University Hospital, Ghent, Belgium