2018 IDA Annual Reading, Literacy & Learning Conference

Convincing Your Leadership

Why attend #DyslexiaCon18?

IDA's Annual International Conference is the premier professional development conference dedicated to dyslexia, bringing in experts from all over the world to educate attendees on the latest research, remediation, and more. 

The Reading, Literacy and Learning Conference attracts over 2,500 education professionals, policy-makers, and parents each year. Don't miss your chance to be a part of the experience!

The four-day conference includes:

  • Four general sessions with keynote speakers
  • Full- and half-day pre-conference symposia
  • Over 100 sessions
  • Exhibit Hall
  • Networking opportunities
  • Social events
  • Opportunities to visit local schools
  • And much more!
Letter of Support

Download and customize this letter of support template. This can help your administrators understand the value of your attendance at the 2018 Reading, Literacy & Learning Conference. Any areas that are highlighted are areas that you can and should change to suit your personal needs.

2017 Attendee Testimonials

I learned so many strategies and techniques that I can use to help my students. This conference opened the doors to a whole new community of educators who believe in making a difference. It also reconfirmed what my passion really is and gave me a push to pursue it, make a difference, and be a voice for those who have dyslexia and RD! – Anonymous

This annual international IDA conference was like all the others I have attended: superb. IDA has the best speakers, most relevant research findings to share, the most informed and enthusiastic attendees. It is simply, I believe, the best conference anywhere for those who are interested in dyslexia and related topics.   Margaret G.

As a high school counselor, the IDA Conference gave me invaluable information to help my students with LD and their families. I am so excited to get back to my school and begin sharing all that I learned! The knowledge I gained will help them so much in the process of their applying for and attending college. – Ronda W.

I was so encouraged by the conference. I am a parent of dyslexic children and this was my first look into the professional Dyslexic community.  It was amazing to see all the people that are working tirelessly and devoting themselves to raising awareness and changing the lives of Dyslexics.  As a parent, seeing the care of those in the community was a tremendous encouragement that we are not alone and life-changing work is being carried out! – Lottie H. 

This was my first IDA International Conference. I very much enjoy the emphasis of collaborative learning that was modeled from the CEO's opening remarks down to the PhD candidates presenting posters. Research and speakers alike emboldened me to continue to share knowledge among my cohorts and colleagues to better the work in serving those with dyslexia. I am proud to "Stand on the Shoulders of Giants." - Fonda B.