2018 IDA Annual Reading, Literacy & Learning Conference

Family Track

For the eighth year, IDA continues to immerse parents, families, and advocates in the conference experience by offering the parent, family, and advocacy track so parents and family members of those with dyslexia and other learning differences can attend informative sessions, network with experts, socialize with other parents, learn about the best products and materials, and more throughout the four days!

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Family Friendly Sessions

All sessions pertaining to parents/families will be marked with a family symbol in the program. A full list of these sessions can be found on pages 10-11 in the conference program.

Please note: When referencing family sessions, this means the session is geared towards or applicable to parents, guardians, or other individuals related to someone with dyslexia or a similliar learning difference. This does not mean entire families should attend.

NEW! NoticeAbility's Entrepreneurs & Innovators Youth Workshop

This year's conference will feature a two-day workshop for students in 4th-9th grades! NoticeAbility’s Entrepreneurs & Innovators will curriculum explore the fundamental tenets of entrepreneurship through a project-based, experiential lens. The two-day course will highlight the cognitive skills associated with dyslexia and provides students with practical exercises that help them recognize these attributes within themselves. Furthermore, students are furnished scaffolding to enhance their social-emotional learning and executive function skills which serve as a framework for academic and personal empowerment.

Students will have secure access to NoticeAbility’s online learning platform (affording them the opportunity to review material at home if they choose). Each module contains 2-3 videos which provide approximately 20 minutes of learning content. During each module, students explore the cognitive strengths of dyslexia and the social- emotional skills required for appropriate team participation.

Students will then apply the knowledge they have acquired online to a project- based, experiential learning process. In Entrepreneurs & Innovators, students work in 3 person teams called SOUL Centers to create a unique product, prototype, and business plan. Throughout these endeavors, NoticeAbility staff will provide students with guidance on using active listening, conflict resolution, and negotiation techniques.

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Important Information:
  • We do not recommend that children attend conference sessions as most are geared towards adults with the exception of NoticeAbility's Entrepreneurs & Innovators Youth Workshop on Friday and Saturday. However, Foxwoods Resort offers great, family-friendly amenities, so please feel free to bring them and turn your trip into a family vacation!
  • At this time, we do not provide childcare services.