ISLA 27th Annual Securities Finance and Collateral Management Conference 2018

   Securities Finance  - Different Perspectives, New Opportunities

Tuesday, 19.06.2018

14:00 – 14:45                    Registration

14:45 – 15:00                    Welcome Remarks

Andrew Dyson, CEO, ISLA

15:00 – 15:20                    European Political and Regulatory Update

A retrospective review of the regulatory landscape since the crisis of 08.  This session will also focus on key regulatory initiatives still in flight..

Bertrand Huet, Senior Vice President & Partner, Co-Head of Financial Services, FleishmanHillard

15:20 – 16:20                      ISLA's Legal & Tax Initiatives 2017/18

A comprehensive review of the work ISLA has been undertaking on behalf of its members within our legal and netting services business, as well as major tax developments during 2017/18.  This will include considerations for new and existing netting jurisdictions, legal documentation including Pledge as well as German and Swiss tax developments.  

Habib Motani,
Partner, Clifford Chance
Steve Raddon, Tax Manager, BNY Mellon

16:20 – 16:50                    Opening Keynote Speech


17:00 - 18:30                     SFTR Workshop – 'Making Sense of it All'

SFTR is probably the most significant regulatory reporting obligation ever seen in our industry, and this session will allow delegates to understand how well the industry is preparing for this regime. The session will bring together all of the important stakeholders and provide attendees with a concise overview of the regulation and how the market is working towards compliance. 

 Session 1                ISLA Update on Legislation

                                 Andrew Dyson, CEO, ISLA
                                 Sarah Nicholson, Consultant, ISLA
                                 Nikolay Arnaudov,
Senior Policy Officer, ESMA

 Session 2                 Connectivity & Reporting Obligations

                                 IHS Markit


 Session 3                Reporting & Delivery of Data to Trade Repositories

                                 NEX Regulatory Reporting
                                 UnaVista, LSEG

 Session 4               Round Up - Including Implications & Considerations for the Industry

18:30 – 20:30                     Welcome Drinks Reception

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Wednesday, 20.06.2018

08:00 - 09:00                  Beneficial Owners Breakfast (Closed door event for Beneficial Owners ONLY - to attend                                                    please contact Sejal Amin)

08:30 – 09:10                     Breakfast & Registration

09:10 – 09:20                    Welcome Remarks

                                        Roy Zimmerhansl, Global Head of Securities Lending, HSBC Securities Services

09:20 – 09:50                    Keynote Speech


09:50 - 10:50                     The Brexit Debate

On the 29th March 2019, the United Kingdom will leave the European Union. Regardless of the final terms of that exit, there is no doubt our market will face considerable change. This opening panel of the conference will debate the implications of these changes set against a backdrop of the political negotiations. It will consider amongst other things the relocation of businesses, implications on documentation/law and third country issues.


James Knightley, Chief International Economist, ING


Ed Bracken, Executive Director & International COO & Head of Business Strategy, Morgan Stanley
Stephen Fisher,
Managing Director, BlackRock
Matthias Graulich
, Chief Strategy Officer, Member of the Eurex Clearing Executive Board , Deutsche Boerse AG
Michael Huertas, Partner, Dentons
Hubertus Vaeth
, Managing Director, Frankfurt Main Finance e.V.

10:50 – 11:20                      Networking Coffee Break

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11:20 – 12:20                     Trading through the Lens of Current Political and Regulatory Change

This panel will consider how the current regulatory and political agenda is shaping market behaviour. This will include key topics such as prudential capital and conduct based regimes, Mifid including best execution, and SFTR.


Richard Hochreutiner, Director Group Treasury, Head Global Collateral, Swiss Re


Jennifer Grenside, International Head of Equity Finance Resource Management, Citigroup
Simon Heath, Managing Director, State Street Global Markets
Simon Sourigon,
Executive Director, Global Head of Security Optimisation, Natixis
Alan Williams,
Managing Director, Short Term Markets, Santander Global Corporate Bank

12:20 - 13:20                    Evolution of the Business Operating Model

At a time when we strive for efficiencies and scalable solutions, the world is getting more complex and bespoke. This final panel of the day will consider how our industry has to evolve to reflect the sentiments expressed in the earlier sessions. Will operating and collateral models have to change ahead of SFTR? In a post Brexit world, will collateral be less mobile across jurisdictions? Is the legacy ALD process sustainable once SFTR is implemented? Are 'smart' buckets a viable solution to meet changing borrower requirements?


Andrew Dyson, CEO, ISLA


Ben Challice, Managing Director, J.P. Morgan
Alessandro Cozzani,
Managing Director, Head of Equity Funding, Bank of America Merrill Lynch
Robert Goobie, 
 Assistant Vice President of Derivatives & Collateral Management, HOOPP (Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan)
Timothy Tomalin-Reeves,
Head of EMEA Treasury
, Citadel

13:20 - 14:20                      Networking Lunch

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16:30 - 18:00                      Afternoon Drinks Reception

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22:00                              Deutsche Boerse Group - GFF Late Night Bar

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Thursday, 21.06.2018

08:30 – 09:00                  Breakfast & Registration

09:00 – 09:10                   Welcome Remarks

                                        Roy Zimmerhansl, Global Head of Securities Lending, HSBC Securities Services

09:10 – 10:10                   The Future of Investing

This panel will look to the future in terms of key drivers affecting investment decisions and the implications for securities lending. This will include the trend towards passive asset management strategies, the use of ETF's as the investment vehicle of choice by many institutions and the future of the UCITs brand. Looking further into the political horizon, this session will also look at other initiatives being socialised in Brussels such as the green agenda.


Tim McLeod, Director, Trading & Liquidity Strategies, BlackRock


Xavier Bouthors, Head of Collateral Management and Securities Lending, NN Investment Partners
Carla Jane Findlay-DonsChief Global Regulatory and Market Strategist, Brown Brothers Harriman
Andrew Jamieson, Managing Director, Global Head of ETF Product, Citi
Nas Karim, Director, Wealth & Asset Management Transformation, Ernst & Young
Will Martindale,
Head of Policy, Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI)

10:10 - 11:10                    Technology - The New Paradigm

This panel will look at the role of technology as we look to the future of financial services and the business. How are different firms across the value chain investing in technology? The use of artificial intelligence as a differentiating factor. Is Blockchain just a buzz word or could it revolutionise our business, such as custody? How will technology deliver the efficiencies needed to take the business forward?


Dr. Anthony Kirby, Associate Partner, Regulatory & Risk Management, Ernst & Young


Alex Dockx, Executive Director, J.P. Morgan
Romain Dumas, Rates Repo & Collateral Optimization, Credit Suisse
Matthew Harrison,
CEO, Trading Apps
Guido Stroemer, CEO

Concurrent                     Tech Hub: Technology and Peer-to-Peer Securities Lending Round Table 
11:00 - 12:00                    (Location: Vitis IV)                         
                                       This session is not organised by ISLA and therefore not part of the main conference 

11:10 – 11:40
                   Networking Coffee Break

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11:40 – 12:40                   Industry Leaders Debate

This final panel of the day and the overall conference will consider remarks from across the panels in the context of Brexit, investment and trading behaviour and the evolution of technology to see how our business will look in the future.


Brian Staunton, Managing Director, BNY Mellon Markets


Matthew Collins, Managing Director & Head of EMEA Securities Lending, Morgan Stanley
Maurice Leo,
Director, Deutsche Bank
Ludovic Poidatz, Head of Equity Finance Trading Europe, Societe Generale
Jane Wagner, Global Head of Securities Lending, Global Investment Operations, Vanguard

12:40 - 13:20                 Closing Keynote Speech

13:20 - 13:30                   Closing Remarks by the ISLA Chairman

                                      Jonathan Lombardo, SVP, Global Funding & Financing Sales, Deutsche Boerse Group

13:30 - 14:30                 Closing Networking Lunch

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*Please note that the 2018 agenda is under continuous development and might be subject to change

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