2018 Arizona State Fire School
Event Details
2018 Arizona State Fire School
09/05 - 09/09/2018
Mesa Convention Center / Phoenix Marriott Mesa Hotel
200 N. Centennial Way
Mesa, AZ, 85201
United States
Event Description

The Arizona State Fire School is brought to you through the volunteer efforts and commitment of the Arizona State Fire Training Committee (ASFTC). Since the first Fire School in 1973, the goal has been to improve the safety of Arizona's firefighters by offering high quality training. Well trained and knowledgeable firefighters can better protect the citizens of their respective communities from the many hazards of daily life.

Each year, the State Fire School continues the work of the ASFTC in meeting this goal. From Basic Skills Training, Fire Prevention & Investigation, to Fire Leadership, the State Fire School provides education in the skills and knowledge a modern firefighter needs to be effective while remaining safe.

The State Fire School brings the Arizona Fire Service together, not only to educate, but to celebrate our history and recognize our members, past and present, whose work and vision have created today's fire service.

Please contact us if you have any questions:

Melina Joya
Phone: 623-333-6501
Email: melina.joya@azcfse.org  

Jeff Johnston
Phone: 623-333-6502
Email: jeff.johnston@azcfse.org

Bob Hansen
Phone: 602-739-3007
Email: bobsock@aol.com


Registering for the State Fire School is a simple process.  To view the course listing and agenda, please click on the "Agenda" tab at the top of this page. Please click on any of the other tabs for more State Fire School related information.

To register and make payment for a course, or to order merchandise, simply click on the "New Registration" button to the right of the page. If you have already registered and are returning to order merchandise, simply click on the "Modify Registration" button and it will take you directly to the merchandise page.

Registration ends on August 31st at 5:00pm. You will not be able to register after this date!

Individuals under the age of 18 may not participate in the Fire School. Contact the State Fire Training Committee if more information is required.

Before registering for Fire School, each participant MUST have a personal OR department email address and an ERMA EIN number (See ERMA EIN info below).

Pre-registration for Fire School is required. Registrations will not be accepted at Fire School. The State Fire Training Committee reserves the right to limit the number of participants from one department in the same workshop.

Most courses are 24 hours in length and all are
presented simultaneously over the Fire School's four days. Participation is limited to a single course.

AzCFSE participates in the Event Registration and Management Application (ERMA) System for record keeping purposes. Each participant registering for Fire School must currently have or must obtain an ERMA EIN number, specific to each participant. If you do not currently have an ERMA EIN, you may obtain one at https://erma.az.gov .


Some courses require a prerequisite. Please check each course description for any required prerequisites. Registrations will not be accepted unless the attendee confirms on the registration form that he/she meets the prerequisites for the course.

To enroll, you must have a credit or debit card with a Visa©, MasterCard©, Discover© or American Express© logo. Enrollments will only be accepted if a payment is processed at the time of enrollment. Checks will not be accepted. Registration will not be complete without payment. If payment is not processed at the time of enrollment, your registration will not be processed.

All courses are $135.00 plus a registration processing fee. In addition, there are also courses which may include lab fees or certification testing fees (See course descriptions for any additional fees). All additional fees are automatically included in the total registration fee.

All requests for refunds must be made in writing by contacting Melina Joya at melina.joya@azcfse.org. Requests for refunds, for any reason, MUST be received on or before August 31st. Refund requests received after August 31st may not be approved.  Only registration fees will be refunded. Registration processing fees are non-refundable. Refunds will NOT be issued to "No Shows".

If the course you select is not available because enrollment is at the maximum, please select another course. Courses are filled on a first come, first served basis. Register early to get the course you want!

You may also elect to be added to the waitlist for a particular course. If you wish to be added to the waitlist, please contact Melina Joya by email at melina.joya@azcfse.org or by phone at 623-333-6501. If a space becomes available for that course, you will be contacted.

Yes! Contact Melina Joya by email at melina.joya@azcfse.org or by phone at 623-333-6501 to make a substitution or cancellation. No changes will be permitted after August 31st.

Attendance at all course sessions is required. At the conclusion of each course, participants will receive a Certificate of Completion. Certificates of Completion will only be presented to participants that complete all academic and attendance requirements.

All Fire School participants are expected to present themselves for class and field activities in a manner consistent with the workplace expectations of the Fire Service. When in the opinion of a course Instructor or Coordinator, a participant appears, for any reason, to be impaired, appropriate actions will be taken, up to dismissal from the Arizona State Fire School.

It is each participant's responsibility to use good judgment in selecting attire that projects a professional image while remaining appropriate for climate differences and safety in course activities. The State Fire School staff have the authority to make a determination that a participant's attire may be inappropriate.

The lifesaving work emergency service personnel perform every day has earned the respect and admiration of the general public. This reputation and respect can be threatened by the careless or thoughtless actions of a very few. Your actions reflect not only upon you as an individual, but upon the emergency service profession as a whole. The public expects our actions to be above reproach, on and off the emergency scene. As representatives of emergency service agencies, participants are expected to demonstrate the highest professional standards in their dress, demeanor and behavior while attending the State Fire School.

Most courses will be located at the Mesa Convention Center and the Phoenix Marriott Mesa Hotel located next to the Convention Center at 200 N. Centennial Way in downtown Mesa. Some courses will be held at offsite locations. Course location information will be posted near the Fire School Information Desk, in the lobby of the Mesa Convention Center on Wednesday, September 5th from 2:00pm-5:00pm and also on Thursday, September 6th from 7:00am-8:45am. All participants must attend the Opening Ceremonies where additional information will be announced for offsite locations. Participants are responsible for transportation to offsite locations.

The State Fire School will provide instruction in courses that the participant selects under the supervision of competent instructors. Some of the courses involve "hands-on" training that may subject participants to risk of injury. In consideration of being permitted to enroll in such courses, each participant acknowledges that he or she is aware of the risks associated with participation in such courses and is voluntarily agreeing to assume such risks. All participants attend Fire School as an employee or volunteer of the sponsoring agency or company indicated on their course registration form. A sponsoring agency or company is required to provide workers compensation insurance coverage to participants for all Fire School activities. The agency Chief or company supervisor indicated by the participant will be notified of the participants enrollment as a representative of that agency or company.

1) Participants will find course location information posted in the lobby of the Mesa Convention Center on September 5th from 2:00-5:00pm and on September 6th from 7:00-8:15am.

2)  All participants MUST attend the Opening Ceremonies at 8:30am on Thursday, September 6th, located in the Main Hall of the Mesa Convention Center. The Opening Ceremonies mark the beginning of Fire School and provides important information to participants.

3) After the Opening Ceremonies, participants will report to their specific course location at 1:30pm, unless otherwise instructed during the ceremonies.