It’s time to launch your product. But where? Choosing the right platform to unveil your product is critical. DEMO sets itself apart from all other launch options. DEMO’s track record of success, scholarship opportunities, turnkey services and exposure to the entire tech ecosystem of VCs, investors, IT buyers and the global tech press make DEMO the premier launch option.

Top reasons to launch at DEMO:

Launch with a bang: Hone your message and launch in front of an audience of investors, influencers, and press. There is nothing like the power of a deadline to focus your team and ship product out the door.

Network with key influencers: Meet qualified investors, CIOs, CMOs, and biz dev officers. We invite top decision makers to attend DEMO and help broker meetings with presenting companies.

Scholarship opportunities: Thanks to the generous support of our sponsors, DEMO scholarships are available for all seed-stage companies with less than $1 million in funding.

Turnkey, personalized services to prepare you for the best launch experience:

  • Get extensive product feedback and coaching from executive producer Erick Schonfeld and the DEMO team
  • PR support and communications training with a national public relations agency
  • Demonstrator presentation review and on-site DEMO Coach
  • Pre-event rehearsal and feedback with DEMO team
  • Post-event promotion of launch video across IDG Global Website Network

Opportunity to win a DEMO God Award:The DEMO Gods Awards program is a celebration of entrepreneurship and innovation. They are a way to recognize the challenge of communicating the power and value of emerging technologies on stage in a short 4-minute pitch.  Winners receive an engraved award, press recognition and the opportunity to take advantage of travel awards offered by American Airlines.

Showcase sponsorship opportunity at International DEMO event:  Not only are DEMO launch events planned in the United States, but in 2014 DEMO's international events will take place in Africa, Vietnam, China, Russia, India and Brazil. As part of your demonstrator package, you are invited to extend your message and reach with a spot in the DEMO pavilion at any one of the upcoming international events. 

Major acquisitions: Over 50 DEMO alumni launch companies have been acquired by tech giants including Adobe, Cisco, Google, Microsoft, Motorola, Nokia, Symantec, Viacom and Yahoo!. 

Industry leaders choose DEMO: Adobe Acrobat, Netscape Navigator, Java, Palm, Microsoft LiveMeeting; Tivo, VMware, iRobot, Fusion-io, Leapfrog,; Webex, E*TRADE, Boingo Wireless,, Skype for the mobile handset. 

DEMO’s long and impressive track record: Over its 22-year history, DEMO has earned a reputation for being the launchpad for emerging technology and trends by identifying the new innovations that are most likely to transform the markets they serve and/or change the way we use technology.