Degradation Failure of Plastics

Degradation Failure of Plastics

November 15, 2017

Begins at 11:00 am

Approx. Run Time: 1 hour

Plastic materials offer a unique balance of strength and ductility associated with their inherent viscoelastic nature.However, they are susceptible to molecular degradation through a variety of exposures.Molecular degradation is a permanent change in molecular weight that reduces the mechanical properties and integrity of the plastic material. This degradation can occur during compounding, processing, storage, or while in service. Such degradation mechanisms include:

•Thermal Oxidation 
•Ultraviolet Radiation 
•Chain Scission 
•Destructive Crosslinking 

The various forms of molecular degradation account for approximately 20% of plastic part failure, and an understanding of the nature of degradation can help to prevent failure. Topics covered during this session will include: 

•Introduction to plastic molecular degradation, including the various mechanisms 
•Material Susceptibility to degradation 
•Stabilizers to prevent degradation 
•Testing to assess the level of degradation 


Jeffrey Jansen
The Madison Group