Antonio Argandoña, Emeritus Professor of Economy and Business Ethics of the IESE Business School. CaixaBank Chair of Corporate Social Responsibility.

Author of numerous books and articles about macroeconomics, the Spanish and European economy, applied ethics in the economy and in business, corporate social responsibility and corporate government.

Ferran Adrià, considered by many to be the best chef in the world.

 Chef and owner of the El Bulli restaurant, Michelin three star award-winner, and considered the Best Restaurant in the World for four years in a row.  Inventor of the “creative cuisine” concept. Considered to be one of the 100 most innovative people in the world by Time magazine.

Josep Miquel Piqué, Executive Chairman of La Salle Technova Barcelona and the International Association of Scientific Parks and Areas of Innovation. 

Expert in General Management of Regional and Urban Policy of the European Commission and member of the team of Specialists in Innovation and Competitiveness Policies of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE). CEO of the Innovation District 22@ in Barcelona, Director of strategic sectors of the Local Development Agency, Barcelona Activa, and CEO of the Office of Economic Growth of Barcelona City Council.

Lourdes Reig, has been Vice-Rector of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia and Director of the Barcelona School of Agricultural Engineering. 

Professor of Food and Agricultural Engineering and Biotechnology at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, Biologist, doctorate in Marine Sciences.



Isaac Albert Agut, Deputy Delegate of Commerce of Barcelona Council.

Mediator and Financial Consultant for the Department of Economy and Business Organisation of the University of Barcelona. Master’s Degree holder in Financial Management of the Superior Institute of Applied Economy of Barcelona.

Màxim López, Manager of the Municipal Institute of Markets of Barcelona.

Degree Graduate in Economic and Business Sciences. Diploma holder in Public Administrations Management Function from ESADE. Director of Economic Resources of the Valle de Hebrón University Hospital, Director of Citizen Information Office of Barcelona City Council, and Manager of the Eixample District of Barcelona, among other management positions in various public and private companies.



Ioannis Triantafyllis, General Manager of the Central Market and the Fisheries Organisation, an organisation that includes the two largest Central Wholesale Markets of Greece, and manages 11 wholesale fish markets throughout the country. Board member of the World Union Wholesale Markets. 

Counsellor on several wholesale management and adaptation committees.


Joan Riera, Director of the food area of Kantar Worldpanel, the international consultancy firm for market studies.

 One of the largest global research and insight consulting networks. Official source of the Food Consumption Panel in homes for the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Food, and Environment.


Jaume Llopis , Professor in Strategic Management of the IESE Business School.

He has worked professionally as a top executive of important companies and groups such as Agrolimen, Sarrió, AGF Unión-Fenix, Carnation, Nestlé, Moulinex, and Mediterranean. He has been a member of more than 45 boards of directors of multinational companies and family owned businesses in Europe and Latin America, among which includes Telefonica´s Disruptive Council. He has chaired the Board of Directors of the Galician dairy holding Dairygal and Lasurgal.



David Martínez, chair of Mercasa. 

Expert in wholesale food distribution and logistics. He has been a manager of companies such as Carrefour, PwC, Canelafoods, and Makro, as well as Metro in Germany, and managing director at Logista Italia. 


Francesco Cera,  General Manager, MAAP, Italy

  Mr Cera is the general manager of Padova Wholesale Fruit and Vegetable Market (MAAP) since April 2003. Previous to that he was general manager of Treviso Mercati Spa (1995 - 2003); and both President and vice of Mercati Associati (2001-2004); as well as Board member of Sistema Mercati s.r.l (2000-2004). He has vast professional experience, including being an Advisor of Veneto Agricoltura, collecting and evaluating information for identifying typical fruit and vegetable products of the region (2001-2002); and being an advisor to the Province of Treviso and of the Consortium of the Radicchio of Treviso (1999-2000). He has passed the Examination of State for Doctor Agronomist, and is affiliated to the professional Order of Agronomists and Forests Doctors - Province of Padova (n.381). He has a Doctor’s Degree in Mechanics and Agricultural Mechanization, and a Degree in Agrarian Sciences. He is a Member of Georgofili Academy of Italian Agronomists (Florence)


Stefane Layani, Chairman, SEMMARIS, France

French high ranking official, Stéphane Layani became in June 2012, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Semmaris - the management company of the Rungis International Market. He has been working with different Ministers and is a French national expert to the European Commission’s DG for Health and Consumer Protection. He created the French Economic Committee of Medicine and was Deputy Director for the Consulates Chambers. After working for the General Inspectorate of Finance, in 2006 he became the General Director of the National Agency of the Guarantee of Miner Rights.



Sergio Palacios Trejo, General Manager of Mexico City Wholesale Market, Mexico

Mr Palacios Trejo studied Law at the Autonomous Metropolitan University of Azcapotzalco, as well as a specialty in Senior Management of Public Entities, at the National Institute of Public Administration. 


He has a wide professional trajectory of senior management, in various government entities in the CDMX, as well as in the Assembly of Representatives of the Federal District. 


He has held various positions of high level of responsibility, within the public service. His career has allowed him to have a very broad vision of the problems of the CDMX, in legislative, legal, administrative, budgetary, social and development matters, as well as having the necessary sensitivity to find solutions to the different problems of Mexico City, through public social and economic policies that allow economic and commercial development.  

In March 2017, he was appointed by the Head of Government of Mexico City, to occupy the position of General Coordinator of the Central de Abasto of Mexico City, and simultaneously he was appointed by majority vote, by the Committee Technical and Distribution of Funds of the Trust for the Construction and Operation of the Central de Abasto of Mexico City, as General Manager, currently holding both positions.



Zhang Jianfang, President of Jiangsu Lingjiatang Market Co, China

Since 1977 Mr Jianfang has successively been elected NPC representative of Changzhou Municipality and Zhonggu District of Changzhou City.

His previous positions include Vice Chairman of Chinese Agri-products Marketing Association, Expert Advisor of Ministry of Agriculture, Vice Chairman of Jiangsu Vegetable Association and Chairman of Changzhou Farm Produce Brokers Association, etc.

 He holds the following awards: Model Worker of Changzhou City, Outstanding Entrepreneur of Jiangsu Province, Fifth Entrepreneurship Star of Jiangsu Province, Top-10 Foregoers of Enriching Rural Livelihood, Top-10 Prominent Figures in Fruit & Vegetable Industry in China.


Josep Tejedo, Managing Director of Mercabarna, the wholesale market in Barcelona since 2012.

He has managed to position the market as the Food Hub known as Hub Alimentario del Mediterráneo-Barcelona

Francisco Huidobro, Director of Digital Services for Large Companies at Orange España.

A specialist in the impact of digital transformation on different sectors through IoT, Big Data and Smart City technologies. He has been a director at different multinational companies in the ICT sector.