Investing In African Mining Indaba

*New* Investment Pavilion

Combined the Junior Mining Showcase and Investor Lounge

To find out more about how your company can participate, please contact:

Fred Noce, T. +1 (619) 656-9263
or E.

The NEW Investment Pavilion combined both the Junior Mining Showcase and the Investor Lounge into one dynamic high-visibility, high-traffic area.


The dedicated space enabled investors, junior and mid-tier mining companies to connect more intimately and efficiently. The dedicated Concierge Investor Relations Service further helps the networking process by brokering meetings between mining companies and investors.

Over 500 Investors attended in 2019. To see which companies signed up, submit your details here.

Benefit of joining the Junior Mining Showcase:

  • Access to 750+ investors and dealmakers under one roof – the largest in Cape Town
  • Elevated profile amongst investors
  • Use of business matchmaking programme and Concierge Investor Relations Team to secure meetings with investors and stakeholders
  • Opportunity to showcase your own project to investors, analyst, government officials, senior mining executives and media on the Junior Mining Forum stage

2019 Partners:

2019 Investment Pavilion Floorplan

2019 Showcase Sponsor

Which Investors will you meet?

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The Investor Relations team help facilitate introductions between mining companies and investors. If you are an investor, the team will help match you with the most exciting mining projects that match your requirement and help manage your schedule.