GP Institutional Accreditation Program
Thank you for your interest in applying for Institutional Accreditation. You must be an IDA Global Partner organization in good standing to apply. This process will ensure that your institution meets professional standards of operational integrity and quality related to services that are consistent with IDA values and definition of dyslexia. IDA welcomes your suggestions for improving the Self-Study Report and overall process.

Is your institution ready to invest in applying for IDA Institutional Accreditation?

First, are you an IDA Global Partner organization in good standing? If yes this brief online questionnaire will help you decide if you are ready. Answer ALL seven questions and then submit your answers. You will automatically receive a score.


Please review the prerequisites below before beginning the Initial Application process.
  • Email IDA to confirm your active status as a Global Partner.
  • Read and understand the IDA Institutional Accreditation Plan and FAQs.
  • Review the Self-Study Report.
  • Identify a primary Contact Person from our organization that will coordinate the accreditation process.
  • Contact an IDA Accredited Institution for their insights and experience regarding the accreditation process.
  • Budget sufficient time and resources for the Contact Person and other personnel involved in the accreditation process.
  • Secure a source of funding or have adequate resources for the Initial Application expenses:
    • $1,500 for initial application (includes Mentor and administrative expenses).
    • Credit Card Payment is required at the time of the Initial Application.

After you submit your Initial Application:

  • You will be assigned an IDA Mentor to guide you through the accreditation process and to help you identify and assemble the accreditation criteria and electronic documents outlined on the Self-Study Report
  • Complete the Self-Study Report
  • Assemble a Digital Inventory in English of the evidence supporting each of the Institutional Accreditation Standards.
  • Secure a source of funding or have adequate resources for the IDA Institutional Accreditation site visit expenses:
    • $4,500 for site visit (includes honorarium and travel expenses for Accrediting Officer)

Your organization’s primary contact person will receive written confirmation from IDA, based on the recommendations of your IDA Mentor, as to whether or not your organization is are ready to move forward with the site visit portion of the Institutional Accreditation process and provide instructions for next steps.

We look forward to working with you!