AGC’s Strategic Growth WebEd Series - Pioneering the Next Generation of America’s Builders
AGC’s Strategic Growth WebEd Series - Pioneering the Next Generation of America’s Builders

Every Tuesday - September 12 -  October 10, 2017
2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Member Price: $309

Non Member Price: $399 

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There is a shift taking place in our industry: leaders and professionals are passionate about building companies that do more than earn profits… a mounting desire to do something GREAT, to build infrastructure, buildings and communities to enable families, entrepreneurs, and companies to flourish. 

As an industry, we have significantly evolved our technical abilities to design and build projects, but not how we build and grow our companies. Construction is our craft; building is what we do. But it’s not our purpose. The lack of Purpose, Vision, Guiding Principles and a Roadmap that everyone contributes to have left most companies full of men and women with a desire for significance and owners confused about the difference between competing construction companies.

This series is for current or emerging leaders in charge of local, regional or nations firm, who have a desire to inspire their teams and to grow their company around factors greater than deadlines and profits. Leaders will gain insights to define who they truly are, their potential impact on the markets they serve, and identify a strategic roadmap that engages everyone on the journey. 

This is an interactive webinar series that is built around 10 Practices of Growing Construction Companies. The first session will discuss the state of the construction industry and its professionals and why change is needed to grow. Prior to the second session, leaders will be able to evaluate how well their company is preforming in each of the 10 Practice Areas. Throughout the four reaming sessions, attendees will walk through the 10 Practice Areas and be given insights, strategies and examples of how to improve, prioritize and grow their team and company. Following each session, the instructor will be available for questions and discussion via a News Forum through the AGC Learning Center.

Five Part - Strategic Growth WebEd Series

WebEd Part 1: Where to Start - Tuesday, September 12th 2pm – 3pm 

  • State of most Construction Companies - why changing how they grow is needed
  • State of professionals in our industry and what they desire
  • Overview of the Method 
  • Capture Insights from Leaders, Employees and Customers
  • Evaluate Your Current Performance 

  WebEd Part 2: Defining Your True North - Tuesday, September 19th 2pm – 3pm 

  • Three practices to define your Purpose | Potential | Principles 

  WebEd Part 3: Develop Your Infrastructure - Tuesday, September 26th 2pm – 3pm 

  • Three practices to align your products, services and processes 

  WebEd Part 4: Engage Your People and Prospects - Tuesday, October 3rd 2pm – 3pm 

  • Two practices to engage new customers and motivate your people to deliver 

 WebEd Part 5: Go and Grow  -  Tuesday, October 10th 2pm – 3pm

  • Two practices to implement and make progress on a well-defined roadmap that ensures everyone on your team is on the same page and contributing to the achievement of a great vision
At the completion of this series you and your leaders will be equipped with the knowledge to Pioneer Your Own Path and grow your company to do something great for you, your team and America.