ICCA Sector Destination Marketing Small Client/Supplier Business Workshop


This is the 4th workshop organised for European destination marketing members who are looking to attract small conferences to their destination. This workshop has been introduced to accommodate an interest from ICCA members from mainly smaller destinations who historically have had difficulties in qualifying for the existing workshops and has been introduced as the result of a survey sent out to all Sector Destination Marketing members to evaluate the demand for such a smaller workshop. It is open to all European members of the sector however priority will be given to those bureaux who did not attend the workshop in Brussels in June 2017. Any member who has not attended the Brussels Workshop in June 2017 will be allowed to register immediately provided their accompanying client meets the criteria for the workshop whilst members who have attended this workshop will be held on a waiting list until 1 December. After 1 December all members on the waiting list that meet the criteria will be accepted to participate providing there is still a place available for their country or city.

The accompanying clients who members invite to the workshop should be decision makers/influencers of European association conferences that have a maximum of 800 delegates. The conference must be at least 3 days duration, must take place at least once every 4 years and the conference must be European rotating between at least 3 European countries (only European conferences will be accepted).

A minimum of 10 and maximum 15 ICCA bureaux members each invite a client to the Workshop to discuss their specific meeting requirements. Clients must conform to strict selection criteria (see Guidelines), so ensuring that participating bureaux can promote their company and services to senior decision-makers who are actively looking for destinations. No other event offers the same opportunity for client and supplier to meet face-to-face and discuss future co-operation in a tailor-made Workshop environment.

During the workshop, the participating clients get the opportunity to meet people from a minimum of nine or a maximum of fourteen other bureaux. They make initial contact with the sales team as well as learn the suitability (or otherwise) of the destinations in a way that would otherwise have been time consuming and would have involved a great deal of travel.

At the end of Workshop bureaux and clients are given a de-briefing session to get some valuable feedback on the Workshop and clients are also given some private time to network with one another during the Client’s Forum.