What if you had the power to empower?

What if you could change your life in just three days? That’s what R+F Convention 2017 is all about. Change. Empowerment. Achievement. Which is why we gather the brightest minds in skincare—Dr. Katie Rodan, Dr. Kathy Fields and more— for the most action-packed, informational and sensational event of the year – R+F Convention on October 5-8, 2017. Immerse yourself in all things Rodan + Fields® and discover the strength in numbers when you join thousands of your savvy peers and see the potential of your R+F network—magnified. Celebrate where you've been and toast the future alongside your team. You won't know what happens in Vegas unless you join us in Vegas.

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R+F Convention 2017 Highlights

Join us in Las Vegas, Nevada, for the ultimate Rodan + Fields experience. Connect to a vibrant, expanding network of dedicated social CEOs just like you, and start conversations that can transform your future and elevate your R+F Journey.

General Sessions

Exhilarating General Sessions

Gain inspiration and expert insights from Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields, the R+F executive team and a world-class speaker. Use your valuable knowledge to motivate your team and set up your business for success.

Experience Lab

Interactive Product Expo

Participate in an interactive Product Expo to hear the latest skincare news and promotions, plus support your business with hands-on training with R+F products and tools.

On-Site Recognition

Celebrate Achievement

In spectacular style, the dazzling Awards Gala celebrates milestone achievement events with stage recognition and live entertainment from celebrity hosts and headliners.

Product Launch

Be amongst the first to hear about new R+F products and innovations. Learn how to leverage the Convention-only offers and the momentum from launch to reinvigorate your business.


Connect with Peers

Join thousands of Consultants at Convention, the ultimate experience to connect with the R+F community and share best practices.

Breakout Sessions

Business-building Breakout Sessions

Take your Rodan + Fields business to new heights. With a wide range of inspirational speakers and topics, Breakout Sessions are a unique opportunity to effectively hone your business-building skills.