GENIVI All Member Meeting & Open Community Days 2017

Advancing Connected Vehicles
 in a Connected World

Online AMM Registration cut-off date is 4/28/17

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GENIVI is pleased to announce its initial program agenda for the upcoming GENIVI All Member Meeting & Community Days which will be held May 9-11, 2017 in Birmingham, UK. Program highlights include:

  • Smart City Collaboration & Big Data – Explore how connected vehicles and the data they provide can be used as important assets to improve current and future transportation systems managed by cities, regions, and countries.
  • Technical Tracks – GENIVI will be hosting a variety of technical tracks including:
    • GENIVI Components at Work: Working sessions focused on using and improving platform components including IVI Layer Management and Diagnostic Log and Trace.

    • Application Framework and UI: Sessions include:
      • Application Framework and Inter App Communications Updates
      • GENIVI App Framework APIs in Action – A Case Study
      • Integration of the Chromium Browser in the GENIVI Platform
      • Update on the Open Source Browser Space

    • GENIVI Development Platform (GDP): Sessions include:
      • Baseline Integration Team Update with an Introduction and Meta-ivi-test BoF
      • GDP / SOTA Update

    • Security Training: Training topics will cover existing vulnerabilities, how to hack a binary, secure coding guidelines, static code analysis, software and hardware security technologies, and threat models.

    • Development Support: Sessions include a tool team workshop on component specification along with Franca and GENIVI IT-infra updates.

    • New Frontiers: Sessions include:
      • Using Auditory Displays for Automotive Safety, Guidance and Entertainment Applications
      • From Annotations to Autonomous Driving
      • From Drones to the Vehicle Motion Abstraction
  • Other Featured Sessions – Many questions will be asked and answered as we explore the following topics:
    • Future of IVI in a Connected World
    • How Edge Computing Can Transform Data Usage in Automotive
    • Industry analysts will cover the Automotive Tech Revolution and Its Impact along with the Convergence of Telecom and Automotive Industries

Member only meetings begin on Tuesday, May 9 at 13:00 starting with the President’s Keynote followed by other member update sessions and an evening networking reception.

Be sure to check out the GENIVI All Member Meeting & Community Days Program Agenda (insert link) for more details. In the coming weeks, we’ll continue to announce new sessions and provide additional details on sessions and speakers.

Wednesday closes with our demonstration showcase and reception where GENIVI member companies will show their latest advancements using GENIVI technologies.