Global Unity Gathering

Many of us—who are spread out across the globeawait this precious opportunity to come together in Sai Maa’s presence every year. Not only do we know that no matter what is happening within us when we arrive, we will leave far more elevated than we imagined possible… we also know the nourishment that comes from being with our soul family.

The Global Unity Gathering is about this deep soul nourishment… one that saturates us so deeply that we go back into our purpose-driven life transformed by the profound love we have shared.

 The world is increasingly unpredictable...

We are living in circumstances today we never imagined would come to fruition and yet here we are. It is unknown, it is disconcerting, and there is a constant uncertainness of what will unfold next.

As Sai Maa has stated, humanity is in an intense cycle of transformation and there is much darkness coming to surface everywhere, even as each of us are awakening.

Now is the time more than ever to look to one another, to who we are together.  Through that experience we are reminded of our essence and draw strength from that to be the pillar of light that we must be.

The Global Unity Gathering is the only time in the year that we unite as a global family to enjoy and celebrate the upliftment of our togetherness. Whether we live in Norway or Bolivia or Australia or Japan, we know that this is the gathering we cannot miss.

It is our time to be recharged by pure light consciousness and enjoy the unhindered freedom of our unity. It is our time to be us, a soul family.

Whether you have known Sai Maa for 10 years, 10 months or are just connecting with our community, you are part of this family and we invite you to be with us in Ft. Lauderdale.

This global gathering will call forth the divine within each one of us. We will raise our collective vibration as Sai Maa guides us to a clear pathway to spiritual enlightenment, leading us ever deeper into self-realization, greater self-expression, and living our purpose.

During this year’s Global Unity Gathering, we will have the opportunity to:
  • Receive energetic activations from Sai Maa to accelerate our spiritual awakening

  • Learn new techniques unveiled by Sai Maa to enlighten our personality and thrive in these unprecedented times

  • Live for three days inside a vortex of profound love, grace and heightened consciousness

  • Discover and establish a new level of vibrancy in body, mind, and emotions

  • Cultivate lasting bonds with a spiritual family that will continue to support us when we return home

  • Rise in unity consciousness to support a more grace-filled and accelerated transition into an enlightened era

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Listen to Sai Maa’s message about the Global Unity Gathering, recorded during Maa’s trip to Mauritius in February 2017.