Bead Fest Santa Fe 2017

Workshops by Margo Yee

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03/24/20175:30 pm - 8:30 pm Friday, March 24, 2017
869, Bead Bird - $110
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Level: Intermediate Description of Workshop Levels
Technique: Bead Crochet, Bead Embroidery, Bead Stitching, Bead Weaving, Design, Gluing/Adhesive, Mixed Materials, Riveting, Tool Instruction, Wire Knitting/Crochet

Fundamentals, skills, and techniques covered:
• Bead embroidery
  • Wire and bead crochet/beading
  • Mixed media and tool instruction

Your beaded bird will take flight as you use bead embroidery, bead crochet, and origami stars as well as the instructor's cone and spiral making tools and mixed media materials on your birds. Instructors will work individually with student as they customize their bird. As the photos show the finished birds will look nothing alike. Kenny Hallstead, state fair award winner who made the scarab inspired bird (in the photograph with the dagger bead wings) hopes to co-teach this class with Margo based on availability. This mentored lab style class will encourage design sharing, innovation, and getting to know your classmates. You WILL NOT complete this project in class.

Prerequisites/Skills Needed: Must have seed bead experience, and the ability to sew on your own piece

Materials you are required to bring: Magnifying or reading glasses, craft lamp & extension cord, sewing scissors, size 11/0 needles (prefer Sharps) filigree metal piece for birds' hat, any special beads or materials like cabs crystals, or agate slabs, you would like to use to decorate your bird. Bring dagger beads for bird's wing if desired. You will need to bring all of your own beads except for the legging beads. If you don't like the legging color pathways, please bring 2 colors of 11/0 beads for leggings.

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869, Bead Bird - $110 [More Info]
Margo Yee