2017 Wild On Wounds National Conference

What makes the Wild On Wounds® (WOW) annual conference so special?

WOW brings clinicians together from around the country to learn and share ideas on what works, what doesn't and what's new in wound care. Clinicians also have the opportunity to see, touch, and learn about all the new products and interventions available to help us do what we love— to heal wounds. This conference is all about solutions now, not theories for later.

We bring you       
• Hands On and How-To sessions
• Debridement Labs (Sharps and Maggot)
• Compression Labs
• Topical Dressings
• Wound Assessment
• Case Studies
• Litigation in Wound Care
• Nutritional Insights
• Checklists and Care Plans
• Patient Education Handouts

Join your colleagues, bring a friend and share the experience.

See You Soon!