INS 2017 ePosters
ePosters are one of the most important types of scientific communication among professionals, as a way to share practice change initiatives with colleagues. INS 2017's ePoster venue is a great way to connect with other infusion nurses and share the outcome of your project.  

Applications for INS 2017 are now closed.

Your application should consist of a title, abstract, and references for a PowerPoint presentation you’ll prepare. Submissions will undergo a blind review to be selected for presentation during exhibit hall hours at INS 2017 in Minneapolis. A few helpful guidelines: 
  • Only one ePoster will be accepted per presenter.
  • Each presenter is required to read and agree with INS copyright and permission requirements to submit an application. Click here for important permissions details. Permissions must be submitted with presentations. 
  • A narrative abstract, limited to 75 words, is required. It is used in the blind review to select ePoster presenters at INS 2017. 
  • Citations and references must be styled using the American Medical Association (AMA) Manual of Style. 
  • Do not include any identifying text in the title or abstract. 
  • The material presented must be your own, original work that has not been published previously. 
  • Selected presentations will be announced by email beginning March 16, 2017. Completed PowerPoint presentations must be submitted to INS by April 10, 2017. 

Please note: ePoster presenters must be registered to attend INS 2017, May 6-9, 2017. All expenses related to the presentation and meeting attendance (including but not limited to travel, transportation, lodging, and meals) are the responsibility of the presenter. 
Click on a link below to learn more about ePosters. Technical support for ePosters is provided by ePosterBoards®