eHealth Week 2017


HIMSS Europe is committed to the success of all exhibiting companies. Our intent is to have a professional and balanced marketplace during EHWK 17. Therefore, all exhibitors are expected to adhere to all rules and regulations stated in this service manual and on the back of your exhibit space contract. Objectionable activity will be reviewed by HIMSS Europe management and may be ceased or changed at any time during the course of the exhibition.


No nails or screws shall be driven or holes drilled in the floors, walls, doors, pillars or other parts of the structure of the exhibition halls or any part of the building.


Exhibitor demonstrations and all marketing/promotional activities must be conducted within the confines of your booth space. Demonstrations should not obstruct the aisles nor prevent access to nearby booths. Any activity that results in the obstruction of aisles, or prevents ready access to nearby exhibitors’ booths, or produces sound levels that exceed 75 decibels, will result in a loss of exhibitor points after the first warning. If you intend to conduct any activity that will attract large numbers of attendees, you must purchase enough booth space and orient your booth structures so that the crowd can be accommodated within your booth space. Distribution of pamphlets, brochures, etc. must take place within your booth space only. Orders may be taken during the normal activity on the exhibit floor but retail sales are not permitted.


Exhibitors are required to remain in their own booth space during exhibit hours. Solicitation outside your booth in any way is strictly prohibited. Orders may be taken during the normal activity on the exhibit floor in your purchased booth space, but retail sales are not permitted.


Exhibitors may not assign, sublet, or share their exhibit space with another business or firm unless approval has been obtained in writing from HIMSS Europe. Exhibitors must show goods or services manufactured or dealt in by them in the regular course of business. Should an article of a non-exhibiting firm be required for operation or demonstration in an exhibitor’s display, identification of such article shall be limited to the usual and regular nameplates, imprint, or trademark under which same is sold in the general course of business.


The use of megaphones, loudspeakers, or public address systems by exhibitors is prohibited, due to the nature of the event. The decibel level of sound emitting from your booth must not exceed 75 at the edge of the stand. Speakers must face into the exhibit booth itself and not into the aisles or into neighbouring exhibits. Live music is prohibited in the exhibit hall. HIMSS Europe reserves the right to determine at what point sound constitutes interference with other exhibitors and it must be discontinued.


Use of compressed gas or any inflatables is not allowed by HIMSS Europe at eHealth Week 2017.


No move-out or dismantling is permitted before 14.45 Friday, 12 May.


Final booth payment is due no later 30 days prior to the event. On 3 April 2017 unpaid booth spaces will be released. Any company with an unpaid balance will have their freight refused by HIMSS Europe until the balance is paid in full. If your badges are denied due to your failure to pay the balance on your booth, HIMSS Europe cannot be held responsible.


No persons under the age of 18 are allowed on show floor at any time.


Smoking (including the use of electric cigarettes) is not permitted by HIMSS Europe or the Venue in any area of the Intercontinental Hotel during set-up, show days or tear down.


The Intercontinental Hotel is appointed as the sole catering provider at EHWK 17. Any unauthorized food and beverage are not allowed at the event unless prior approval is given by the Venue. To get approval, please contact Senior Operations Manager Jessica Bagley


All persons, including the Delegates, Exhibitors, Sub-contractors and their personnel, who bring property, equipment and/or goods into or into Intercontinental Hotel do so at their sole risk and expense. HIMSS Europe and the Venue do not accept them into its charge or responsibility. HIMSS Europe or the Intercontinental Hotel are not responsible or liable for: a. any theft, loss, deterioration or other damage in respect of any goods, property or equipment brought into or onto the grounds of Intercontinental Hotel; and/or b. the safekeeping of any property in or onto the grounds.


Please note that the venue is already carpeted. If you wish to overlay your stand with additional carpet please email All exhibitors are required to show proof of Public Liability Insurance, a risk assessment and to return the Health & Safety Declaration Form for their stand. Please submit these to at your earliest convenience.

Shell Scheme

Shell Scheme packages include the following. If you wish to order any extras or additional power to your stand, this can be achieved by using the order form link in the exhibitor manual.

  • 2x spotlights
  • 1x 13Amp plug socket
  • Felt panel walls
  • Nameboard fascia
  • Carpet is already included in the venue


Kiosk packages include the following. If you wish to order any extras or additional power to your stand, this can be achieved by using the order form link in the exhibitor manual.

  • Back panel
  • Counter
  • Counter graphic
  • Carpet is already included in the venue
  • 1x 13 Amp plug socket

Space only

A Space Only Stand is simply an empty space on the exhibition floor including the carpet as this is already included in the venue.
Every exhibitor who has booked a space only site must submit the following to Jessica Bagley at HIMSS UK:

  • Plans of your proposed stand design
  • Method Statement
  • Certificate of Public Liability Insurance
  • Risk assessment (Space Only)
  • Health & Safety Declaration Form

If you employ a stand contractor to design/construct your stand please make sure they are aware of this requirement. All construction must adhere to the stand build rules and regulations.

HANGING SIGNS are discouraged at EHWK17 due to the ceiling structure. Contact Jessica Bagley if you wish to hang a banner and these will be discussed on a case by case basis.


Permission to build any complex structure or to hang any elements will not be given until the HIMSS Europe has received two copies of the following:

  • Detailed, scaled drawings showing:
    • Elevation drawings
    • Width position of gangways within the booth
    • Floor and/or floor loadings
    • Specifications of materials used
  • Structural calculations
  • Risk Assessment (to include fire hazards) and method statement
  • Evidence of Public Liability


It is in circumstance allowed to use the wifi provided for the conference for presentation purposes during the exhibition. All companies who need internet are obligated to order own internet connection. It is not allowed to bring own internet lines/wifi. HIMSS Europe and the Intercontinental reserves the right to take down the internet connection if this is not provided by the Intercontinental hotel.

Complex Structures

A construction certificate will need to be completed and submitted by the independent structural engineer the Architects Associations once the structure has been built.

If any complex structure is modified after submission of the above information, plans must be re-submitted to the venue with details of all modifications, so this can be approved by the independent structural engineer and submitted to the Architects Associations. Final submissions must be received by 31 March 2017.

Please note, there is a cost to engage the independent structural engineer and payment is made on submission. Please contact for more information.

Examples of Complex Structures:

  • Any booth over 4m in height (this limit includes the overall height of the booth fitting, any branding and all raised platforms as measured from the hall floor)
  • Any structure regardless of its height which requires structural calculations
  • Any part of a booth or exhibit which exceeds 4m
  • Platforms and stages over 500 mm high and all platforms and stages which are accessed by the public for viewing purposes (not including booth floor flats and platforms) will need to be signed off by an independent structural engineer, unless you are using the Venue in-house staging
  • Temporary raised or tiered seating
  • A booth requiring foundations
  • Sound/lighting towers


All construction must be monitored during build up by the organisers appointed Health and Safety Representative. Structures which appear to be complex, which have not been submitted for approval, will be challenged and construction will be stopped until satisfactory information and certification has been received. HIMSS Europe and the Intercontinental Hotel reserves the right to monitor all construction activity and to challenge risk assessments and the methods used.


When in the Intercontinental Hotel, all exhibitors and their contractors must comply with the Health & Safety Policies and Procedures.

It is the responsibility of the Intercontinental Hotel to ensure the following actions are brought to the exhibitors and contractors attention. This includes but is not limited to:

  • The need to maintain emergency exits and keep gangways clear (through build, open and breakdown periods).
  • Knowledge of the fire and emergency evacuation procedures, location of the assembly point for the relevant part of the building.
  • Good housekeeping must be maintained throughout build, open and breakdown to allow any potential hazards to be easily identifiable.
  • Ladders, mobile scaffold towers and cherry pickers must be used in a safe manner, using suitable equipment in the approved way, e.g. safety harness to be worn when operating MEWP’s.
  • The consumption of alcohol is not permitted on the exhibition floor during the build and breakdown periods of an event. The use of drugs or smoking is strictly prohibited throughout the duration of the event.
  • Borrowing tools, ladders, forklifts or cherry pickers from The Venue is not permitted.
  • All portable power equipment must be used only for the purpose for which it was designed and the correct safety guards and devices must be fitted and used. All such equipment must have up to date evidence of PAT testing. Trailing power leads must be kept to a minimum and not across gangways. Petrol and diesel powered equipment must not be used within the venue.
  • Exhibitors of space-only stands will be required to wear appropriate PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), that is, hi-vis waistcoat or jacket, appropriate footwear and hard hats (where applicable) whilst in the Exhibition Halls during event build-up and break-down periods.

Please be aware that the wearing of hard hats will only be required in defined hard hat areas. This requirement will be clearly displayed at various access points in and around the Venue and will be strictly enforced.

Fire Safety and Evacuation routes applicable to the venue will be made available within the exhibition halls during the build-up, open and breakdown periods.


  1. Exhibitors are fully responsible for the security of their exhibition stand and equipment. The materials are advised not to be left on the exhibition hall at the end of the day or after the conference program and exhibition finishes.
  2. Although the Organiser provides general security of the venue and the exhibition area; neither the venue, nor HIMSS Europe will accept responsibility for the security of the stands and their contents of for damage to, or theft of any goods.
  3. HIMSS Europe do not provide insurance for the exhibitors and their property. The exhibitor is responsible for their property and person and for the property and persons of his employees through full and comprehensive insurance, and shall hold harmless the organizers for any and all damage claims arising from theft and those perils usually covered by a fire and extended-coverage policy.
  4. All demonstrations or instructional activities must be confined to the limits of the exhibition stand. Advertising material and signs may not be distributed or displayed outside the exhibitor’s stands. Sound equipment must be regulated and directed into the stand, so that it does not disturb neighbouring exhibitors.
  5. The construction of the stands with construction materials or adornments that contain products such as cement, sand, plaster, tile, brick or any other similar material are prohibited. Exhibitors are liable for all damage caused to floors, walls and pillars during the installation, exhibition and dismantling periods. No adhesive stickers and fixtures of any kind are allowed on floors, walls and pillars. Hanging of posters, banners or decals, stickers or similar things, on the walls, floors, ceilings or columns within or outside the installations of the Intercontinental is not allowed without a prior written authorization. It is also prohibited to bore, use glue or any other adhesive that can be difficult to remove from the structure of the hotel.
  6. Any defects or damage to the stand space that may be noticed upon arrival on site must be reported to the Organizers. Any damage noticed after departure will be invoiced to the exhibitor.
  7. The stand construction, technical equipment, catering and other services are exclusive of the conference venue. As such they must be ordered through the hotel and their in-house contractors
  8. Stand built up and dismantling dates and hours are defined according to the conference and exhibition schedule and are needed to be strictly followed by the exhibitors. Please pay particular attention to the built up and dismantling hours mentioned since they have been fixed according to the conference program. HIMSS Europe or the Intercontinental hotel will not be responsible for any item or material that has not been removed once the event is finished.
  9. The organizers will arrange for general cleaning of the exhibition premises (excluding exhibits and displays) prior to the opening of exhibition and daily opening thereafter. Each exhibitor is obliged to keep the stand areas perfectly clean.
  10. Special effects lighting, live music, smoke and laser projection may not be used in the stands. No permission will be given for projection in the aisles or on the walls of the hall. Stand material and fittings must be of non-inflammable materials or impregnated with fire-retardant chemicals. As a general rule, easily inflammable synthetic substances, foam polyester, nonfireproof straw and reeds are prohibited. It is prohibited to cook in the stands.