eHealth Week 2017

eHealth Week 2017 Presentations


Presentation Title

Stuart Anderson Assessing Readiness to Deploy Integrated Care and Requirements for Transferring Good Practices
Hans Andersson Challenges implementing a cross-border ePrescription service
Professor Marion Bennie The Farr Institute – Delivering new evidence and risk prediction tools through data analysis
Stefan Biesdorf A disruptive approach to drive eHealth from concept to implementation
Professor Maged N. Kamel Boulos Games, Geosocial Apps, Social Media Ads and Dashboards for Sexual Health Promotion
Niels Boye Non-Disruptive, Disruptive Innovation for Insilico Supported Coproduction of Health Evidence and of Healthiness
Josep Carbó Incentivizing Adoption of Disruptive Technologies
Catherine Chronaki Reinforcing the Bridges and Scaling up EU/US Cooperation on Patient Summary
Richard Corbridge Providing Individualised Services and Care in Epilepsy (PISCES)
Yolima Cossio BigData & Digitalization HUB
Dr Bethan Davies Behaviour change and mental health in children and young people: how can digital technology help?
Michael Dillhyon Health Data & Blockchain: The New Sharing Frontier
Jamie Ferguson Interoperability: Patient Summaries Within The Connected Care Agenda
Francesco Florindi European Cancer Patient Coalition
Francesco Florindi The reality of multidisciplinary care: HIT as enablers for more equitable cancer care
Dr Tom Fowler The 100,000 Genomes Project: Paving the Way for Personalised Medicine
Anna Cecilia Frellsen The safe delvery app
Maria Renata Guarneri Mobile Solutions for Prevention in HealthCare: the PEGASO Project
Charles Gutteridge SNOMED CT in the Age of Precision Medicine
Mahad Huniche Evidence-based implementation of new technology
Hayley Hovious Nashville and Health Innovation: A Paradox
Kumar Jacob THE 4TH STEP - VR in clinical training
Dipak Kalra Cracking the perverse incentives for non-interoperability
Dipak Kalra Establishing the business case for sharing personal health data across borders: the VALUeHEALTH project results
Stephen Kay The Patient Summary is here; making the IPS will take a little longer…
Esteban de Manuel Keenoy Smart environments and integrated care: Helping europeans to live better not just longer "Twinning actions to improve the capacity for transfer and scaling-up of good practices”
Devi Kolli How AI powered virtual reality can help train clinicians of the future
Udai Kumar ohumC6:Connected Community
Sascha Marschang Digital solutions for health & disease management
Henrique Martins eHealth Security and Data Protection
Sara Meunier Aspects of nationwide adoption of standards
Anne Moen Harnessing Diversity
Anne Moen Citizen – health data
Steve Mutkoski Healthcare, Data Security and Cloud Computing
Kjartan Olafsson NEW BALANCES -side effects of eHealth
Marco Pantera Italian Community Session: Patient Data and the GDPR - How should I manage the Data?
Annika Östergren Pofantis The Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition: What's in it for the health sector?
Steven Posnack, Rachelle Blake Digital Skills for the Health Workforce: The EU*US eHealth Work Project
Kyle Rose My ehealth my way
DDr. Thomas Schabetsberger Team up with your patients – Patient Portals as EHR clients for patients
Robert Scharinger Keeping Guard: Security of Healthcare Data
Marina Schmidt Digital Healthcare: Essentials seen from the Payer’s Perspective
Mikael Skilbreid Implementation of a large IT program across two Regions in Denmark
Michael Strübin Overcoming market fragmentation and island solutions: International standards and profiles
Dr. Mimi Tatlow-Golden Tackling food marketing to children in a digital world
Alan Thomas #SocialMediaInHealthcare: Y it matters 4U!
Le Vallikivi Sharing Health Data with patient from Family Doctor’s point of view
Hans-Vandewyngaerde Scaling up Digital Innovation for Sustained Transformation of Healthcare, an industry perspective
Sinisa Varga Better public health through strategic purchasing as a catalyst for eHealth design and development
Julien Venne European map of investments in innovative digital solutions for AHA
Alexander Whalen Collecting and Handling Health Data in a GDPR World
Peter Wintlev-Jensen Blueprint on Digital Transformation of Health and Care
Dr Kors van Wyngaarden Putting Patients in the Driver’s Seat of Data-Driven Healthcare
Sofie Zetterström Implementing e-health services in Sweden
Natalia Zylinska-Puta Introduction to eHealth Digital Service Infrastructure