Cyber Insight 2016

Enhance your cyber insurance knowledge to deliver the best service for your clients

With the market for cyber insurance estimated to be growing up to 40% annually, cyber is an area brokers can't afford to ignore. And it's not just large corporates that need cyber insurance: last year 75% of SMEs suffered a data breach. Being knowledgeable on cyber risks and available cyber products is key for brokers wanting to tap this market, with those unfamiliar either being left behind or even damaging their reputations by miss-selling policies they didn't understand.

Packed with panels, speakers, a live demonstration, and an interactive workshop, Cyber Insight 2016 looked at how to seize new opportunities and grow market share in the expanding cyber insurance market. Topics discussed included:

  • The key areas SMEs need cyber cover in so you can deliver products that matter to them
  • Practical examples on how you can evolve your client interactions to deliver detailed advice and expertise on cyber issues to add value to your services
  • A round up of the latest cyber products and what to expect in the near future
  • Take-home examples from a range of cyber experts, insurers, and brokers on how to offer clients the best service and coverage in cyber

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