2016 IP Trademark, Copyright & Licensing Counsel Forum


In today's digital environment, a company’s trademark and copyright portfolio is both an invaluable asset and capricious source of liability. The surge in overlapping social media applications, the global reach of consumers in an enforcement landscape defined by geographical borders, and the need to mitigate risk on a limited budget makes the job of the in-house counsel more complex, and fascinating, than ever.

The 8th Annual IP Trademark, Copyright & Licensing Counsel Forum is pleased to once again gather practitioners to celebrate and explore the challenges of this landscape. We look forward to welcoming back leading in-house and law firm attorneys and hope you will be there to discuss:
  • -The hottest cases from 2016 including Michael Skidmore vs. Led Zeppelin et al. and Oracle v. Google
  • -Best practices for advising non-lawyers on your team on how to stay out of trouble when it comes to “publicly available” vs. “public domain”
  • -How to craft policies both internally and with 3rd party marketers to make sure you are not running afoul of FTC regulations
  • -The essential checklist for IP-related due diligence for M&A
  • -Utilizing alternative fee arrangements to reduce IP litigation costs including negotiation tactics for obtaining an agreement for contingency fees, fixed fees, and value or success based fees
  • -Staying on top of social media risk mitigation when users are constantly hitting refresh and running headlong into new ways to share, and possibly infringe

Topics and Themes for 2016 include:

What's New for 2016:

      • To Be a Rock and Not to Roll: Fireside Chat re Michael Skidmore vs. Led Zeppelin et al.
      • Defend Trade Secrets Act of 2016 Update and Practical Applications
      • Leave No Stone Unturned During IP-Related Due Diligence for M&A
      • Fireside Chat re Practice Tips and Current Initiatives from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
      • Global Trademark Filing Strategies for 2016
Back by Popular Demand:
    • IP Legal Issues Associated with Advertising and Native Ads
    • Trending Topics in Social Media and the Law – ETHICS
    • IP Infringement Enforcement Best Practices: How Do You Protect Your Marks?
    • Navigating Fair Use on the Digital Highway of Instant, Wide-Spread Sharing