2016 CGL Policy Road Trip: 66 Advanced Stops Along the Way
About this webinar:

The Commercial General Liability policy is the backbone of liability insurance. The policy encompasses dozens of critical provisions that have been litigated for decades in all 50 states. Some aspects of the policy and meaning of its terms are apparent on their face. Others, however, take years of experience to recognize and appreciate.

This 2 hour webinar will take the attendee on a “road trip” through the CGL policy, stopping along the way at 66 critical places, providing a discussion of advanced issues, the arguments raised by insurers and insureds to support their interpretation of the policy and the key decisions reached by courts. The program will focus on nuances, unique takes on issues and topics that may not be addressed in other CGL seminars.

Not your typical webinar:

This 2 hour webinar will provide an advanced discussion of the critical issues under a Commercial General Liability policy. It is designed to provide maximum opportunities for attendees - even the most experienced -  to come away learning new things:

Advanced discussion of CGL Policy Issues
Discussion of issues that are sometimes overlooked in CGL webinars
Practical knowledge that attendees can use immediately after the program

Earn CLE and CE Credits:

CLE/CE is approved in the following states:

CLE - CA, IL, MO, NJ, NY, (FL-Pending)

CE - CA, FL, IL, KY, MO, NC, NY, PA, TX and VA (NJ - pending)

For more information on CLE credits please contact Lazette Jackson at ljackson@alm.com ljackson@alm.com.

For more information on CE credits please contact Joyce Coots at jcoots@alm.com.

*In order to receive any type of credits attorneys and claim professionals must watch the program individually and not as a group. The various education boards require us to provide individual tracking time for each attendee which requires separate viewing for professionals that want to earn credits.