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Terms of Use for Barclays Eagle Labs Maker Space

To use Barclays Eagle Labs Maker Space, you need to agree to these terms of use. Please read them carefully. If there’s anything you’re not clear about, please talk to a member of Barclays Eagle Lab staff.

About Barclays Eagle Labs 

What is a Barclays Eagle Lab?

A Barclays Eagle Lab is a place where everyone is welcome to create something, learn a new skill and share ideas. You can use the Barclays Eagle Lab Maker Space to build almost anything using fabrication tools such as 3D printers and laser cutters.

Who can use Barclays Eagle Labs?

  • Anyone can use Eagle Labs. You don’t need to bank with us or be our banking customer. 
  • If you’re aged below 18, you must be accompanied by someone aged 18 or over.
  • If you use the Eagle Labs regularly you can join as a Member by paying the monthly membership fee set out in the price plan.
  • You can still use the Eagle Labs even if you’re not a Member. But we may charge you for using certain equipment (see our price plan for more details). 

Some things to know

  • We need to identify you – so bring your identity when you visit a Barclays Eagle Lab. 
  • All booked times include set up and reinstatement. 
  • You will need to undertake a Health and safety induction and training before using any equipment in the lab. Please contact the lab to arrange before your visit.
  • We can refuse you entry, remove you from a lab or stop you from using any equipment if:
    • the lab is full, closed or unavailable 
    • we reasonably think admitting you or allowing you to stay or use certain equipment may cause a health or safety risk 
    • you act inappropriately towards our staff or other users (for example by being rude, disruptive or disorderly)
    • you breach any of our terms or fail to follow our instructions 
    • you haven’t booked or paid our fees 

When do I need to pay?

All fees are payable in advance. Please read the price plan for details.

Conditions for using Eagle Labs

We just ask you to use Eagle Labs the right way – so please: 

  • Don’t use Eagle Labs to do anything illegal
  • Don’t use the equipment in a way that could damage it or stop it from working, or affect our systems or other users 
  • Don’t disrupt or act in a way that may offend our staff or other users 
  • Don’t do anything that we tell you not to 
  • Make sure you obey any laws or regulations that apply to you
  • Tell us immediately about any accident, near miss or malfunction 
  • Follow instructions when using equipment 
  • Don’t share or allow someone else to use your membership 

If you’re exporting stuff 

  • You’re responsible for meeting any export control regulations that apply to you (please speak to your advisors or contact your local Chamber of Commerce) 

Information about you

Keeping us informed 

It’s important that we can contact you if we need to – so if your details or any other information about you changes, please tell us straight away.

Information we collect 

We keep information you give us when you register or sign in to use an Eagle Lab to verify your identity, check if you’re a Member and to understand who is using Eagle Labs.  Our privacy policy (available to view on our website at www.home.barclays/privacy-policy.html) explains in detail how we collect, store and use information about you. If you bank with us please be aware any details you provide will be solely used for the Eagle Labs service and will not update on our bank systems. If you wish to update or amend any of your contact details, you will need to call us on 0345 734 5345.

Information others collect 

Other providers may see, collect or use your information when you use their equipment or software. Before using any equipment or software, please check any terms of use and/ or privacy policy that may apply to you. 

When you book 

  • You should book any equipment you want to use before you get to the Eagle Lab – if you don’t, someone else may be using it or the equipment may not be available or working 
  • You must use your booking during your allocated slot – if you don’t, we can stop or limit you from making further bookings
  • Visitors must provide ID, something with your name and preferably photo on.

What else you need to know

Changes to these terms and conditions 

If we need to change anything about these terms and conditions and it’s something that affects Members, we’ll tell Members about the change in advance. If it’s a change that will benefit you or it won’t affect how you use Eagle Labs, we’ll tell you after we make the change. When there’s a change, we’ll put a notice on our website or tell you when you next use Eagle Labs. If there’s anything we need you to agree to, we might ask you to accept the change to continue using Eagle Labs. 

Stopping using Eagle Labs 

You can stop using Eagle Labs at any time (there’s no additional charge but we don’t refund any portion of the fee you’ve paid). 

We can end our agreement with you or stop you from using Eagle Labs if we reasonably believe you have seriously or persistently broken any terms of the agreement or we have reasonable grounds for thinking that you have done any of the following things, which you must not do:

  • you put us in a position where we might break a law, regulation, code or other duty that applies to us 
  • you give us any false information at any time
  • you commit (or attempt) fraud against us or someone else
  • you use (or allow someone else to use) your membership illegally or for criminal activity 
  • you inappropriately let someone else use your Membership 
  • you behave in a threatening or abusive manner to our staff or other users 
  • you use or attempt to use Eagle Labs or any of the equipment for illegal, criminal or other prohibited activity

Contacting you with messages about Eagle Labs

From time to time, we may contact you about Eagle Labs by email, text or other messages or by telephone or post. Sometimes, these may be marketing messages if you have not opted out of receiving these. 

You don’t have to keep receiving these messages if you don’t want them. If you don’t want to receive marketing messages, you can tell us at any time by contacting us on our normal contact number. You can also text STOP in response to marketing text messages or follow any other instructions we include to unsubscribe. 

If things go wrong 

You use the Eagle Labs at your own risk and you should carefully follow instructions when accessing or using any of the equipment to avoid harm or injury. If something goes wrong and it’s our fault, we’ll make good your loss. There are some things that we’re not responsible for because they’re out of our control or they relate to something you have done (or not done) how you use any equipment or software in the Eagle Labs. So we can’t be responsible if you lose money because:

  • you lose anything you bring to or make in the lab or it’s damaged 
  • you cannot access the Eagle Labs for any reason
  • any device, hardware or software you use with Eagle Labs is damaged or corrupted or doesn’t work
  • Eagle Labs doesn’t work as you expect, doesn’t meet your requirements or the equipment or software contains errors or defects or we don’t act to address this 
  • you don’t receive a notification or other message in time
  • you’re not happy with a service you get from someone else, they don’t perform as you expect or cause you harm 
  • we’re prevented from providing any service in part or in full because of something someone else does.

It also helps to read

  • Terms and conditions for the equipment or software you use
  • Our price plan setting out the membership fee and charges for using certain equipment